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I'm using this page as a quick reference, used for recruiting people to the game by quickly explaining exactly why we're all so fond of it. Think of it as the "elevator speech". For that reason, it's very brief and concise, and while I'm not going to lock it, I think it's best if editing is minor, just to keep the length down. (But feel free to do stuff for clarity!)


Small changes / additions

I added a few minor changes and updated a few links / facts on the page. If it is not concise enough, please feel free to edit or revert.


Nono, feel free to do whatever you like! My earlier note was just so that the basic structure is maintained, but there's lots of cleanup and additions that should be done, and lately I've been way too busy to do it myself.
Also, during the launch of the game we received an image of a wormhole...that's the only indication we've had of "location". I think they've implied (for example, on the Viard track "Culture Shock" that was also in the intro video) that there was one path that split into two -- Perplex City and London -- presumably because of something that happened with the Cube.
Lhall 09:11, 6 June 2006 (PDT)