The Mad Rants Of Tanner

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Project Syzygy
Life without cards

Note, this is not the IN-GAME Tanner, but that friendly (if a little crazy) bloke from IRC.

Tanner vs. Zeller / Illuminati

[16:57] <Nik_Doof> ok, what mad spec have we got at the moment and ill edit my spec page
[16:58] <Sep7imus> hmm...may have to jump ship... noon on Friday is ilb new puzzle time!
[16:59] * Jo_not_here is now known as Jo
[16:59] <Jo> well that was dull
[16:59] <tanner_corsair> zeller is alive and well and living in a tibetan monestry
[16:59] <Nik_Doof> lol
[17:00] <tanner_corsair> along with the 7 sages who are gonna rule the world
[17:00] <Jo> from the comfort of their cube armchair?
[17:01] <tanner_corsair> and i know "for a fact" that they killed john lennon :)
[17:01] <Jo> and they killed JR 
[17:02] <Jo> and framed that other dude
[17:02] <tanner_corsair> and every other famous assassination --- and they are really knight templers and freemasons
[17:02] <Jo> and part of the illuminati
[17:02] <tanner_corsair> absolutly
[17:02] * Sep7imus has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[17:02] <Jo> i bet they are the reason i am watching blue peter
[17:03] <tanner_corsair> they now take there orders from hitler who was reincarnated as a martian
[17:03] * A9Master has joined #syzygy
[17:03] <Jo> hail martian hitler
[17:03] <Jo> ler
[17:03] <tanner_corsair> his agent crashed at roswell
[17:04] * Jo apologises for the allo allo joke
[17:04] <Rhiannon> Also clearly responsible for global warming
[17:04] <Jo> so THATS why they covered roswell up....
[17:04] <Jo> here was me thinking it was because it was elvis comming back from 2050 to kill himself
[17:04] * SilentAvenger has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[17:04] <Rhiannon> And the worldwide plague known as "reality television"
[17:05] <Jo> reality tv rules....its like :/
[17:05] <tanner_corsair> of course its competly obvious now --- cos thatcher was a martian too
[17:06] <Jo> wow and i bet milk was her only weakness a la wicked witch and water
[17:06] <tanner_corsair> lol
[17:06] <tanner_corsair> yeah (adds to his list)
[17:07] <Jo> i think blue peter is ran by the illuminati
[17:08] <tanner_corsair> brainwashing kids eh
[17:08] <tanner_corsair> typical
[17:09] <tanner_corsair> the blue peter badge is the passive badge they talk about
[17:09] <Nik_Doof> lol
[17:09] * medication has quit IRC (Quit: )
[17:09] <tanner_corsair> its all so clear now

... Several minutes later

[17:14] <tanner_corsair> it all makes so much sense i think i need a pint :)

Tanner & The Cube Magnets

[21:39] <tanner_corsair> everyones buying bloody magnets lol
[21:40] <da5id> maybe syz is just a ploy to sell magnets ;)
[21:41] <tanner_corsair> i've still got a hexagonal fridge magnet from redkore --- rofl
[21:41] <tanner_corsair> it never did teleport me anywhere :)

Random Quotes

[20:40] <tanner_corsair> i always take llamas seriously :)
[19:52] <tanner_corsair> i wanna know who stole all my underpants

The solution to the Postcard Code

[00:50:36] <tanner-corsair> anyway -- has anyone taken adrians poem and taker every other word reversed them 
                                   -- rotted and the made them into morse printed the resulting letters -- 
                                   cut them up and thrown them into the air and studied the result using an 
                                   electron microscope yet?
[00:50:46] <SilentAvenger> tanner-corsair, I have.
[00:51:06] <SilentAvenger> I came up with this: 
[00:51:27] <SilentAvenger> 221545484848465100503215