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We have opened user registration to all people, on their own. We are using nifty blacklisting to protect against spammers. The current user policy is as fFollows:

1) You must be logged in to edit pages. No anonymous edits. Sorry.

2) You must create a login account, by going to this page.

3) Once you've got an account, please read our page on Wiki editing, to learn how and where to edit, and what it should look like!

If you want someone to create an account For you, you can do a couple things. Probably the easiest is to ask in IRC (#syzygy @ or post a message on the unforums. Or you could post an unfiction 'PM' to either Scott or LHall. If all else fails, you can mail wiki(splat) But truthfully, it is probably easiest if you create an account on your own.