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Von Lubik
Perplex City
Von insists on using his Earth-style computer; he claims it helps him "think like an Earth man".
Date of Birth
Futures Sign
Occupation Puzzle Scribe, CRT
Website http://von.1up.com/

Von Lubik's Page on 1UP.com: http://von.1up.com/


  • At 17 years old, was the youngest of the Cube Retrieval Project puzzle scribes
  • Came directly from high school to take part
  • Was awarded an honorary studentship in Social Sciences, in the field of Earthology, for the duration of the project
  • Won his prestigious place in the team through his vast knowledge of Earth-trivia
  • His fascination for Earth began at age 6 when his parents bought him an "Earth Globe"
  • By the age of 13 his constant letters to the Academy's Earthology journal and to senior academicians had drawn attention to his astonishing empathy for and understanding of Earth
  • Declares himself delighted to be part of the puzzle-scribe team, and is eager to see what the people of Earth make of Perplexians
  • After the thorough 'investigations into the behaviour and actions of the CRT' it was decided that employing him when he was only 17 had 'breached his rights as a young Perplexian' and he was strongly encouraged to 'pursue an academic route for the time being'.
  • After aggressive debating by the various colleges, he's managed to get the largest scholarship grant ever given by Edyta College. But he really wants to be back on the CRT.
  • Von still turns up at the office most days, bag full of work he could do blindfold, kicking the tables and looking like a proper moody teenager.


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