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Website: http://www.mindcandydesign.com/

Companion Website: http://www.mindcandypuzzles.com/


  • When the game began, there were many references to "MC", which proved very confusing to players


See: http://www.mindcandydesign.com/people/index.html

Michael Smith


  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Co-founder of online retailer Firebox
  • Launched Mind Candy in 2003
  • He really, really likes the game Set

Jey Biddulph


  • Was ARG Developer
  • Unfiction Alumni: Wishi-San
  • Known to enjoy the odd dalliance in ladies garments

Jack Dixon


  • Graphic Designer
  • Formerly operated a record label, Alaska Design & Recordings, with Olli Leivers

Hannah Boraster


  • Puzzle Designer
  • Attended University in the West Country.
  • Appeared on Reality TV

Olli Leivers


  • Graphic Designer
  • Briefly Attended Westminster University
  • Partnered with Jack Dixon for a time at Alaska Design
  • Previous Project: ILiketoDraw

Jo Carter

Jo C.jpg

  • Developer and Protector of Purpleness
  • Has the following degrees from the University of Nottingham:
    • A BA In Law with French
    • An MSc In Computer Science
  • Perplex City Profile: Angelsk

Guy Parsons


  • Customer Service And Community Support
  • Perplex City Profile: GuyP
  • Possesses perhaps the floppiest hair known to mankind

Divinia Knowles


  • Studio Manager, replacing Fiona Silk
  • Has an Archaeology degree from the University of Wales at Lampeter
  • Answers phones, balances books, and so much more.

Dr.Chris Thorpe


  • Chief Technical Officer
  • Prior career as a research scientist
  • Has a deep and abiding love for William Gibson, particularly Pattern Recognition
  • Has "bleepy" musical tastes

Steff Davies


  • Network Sysadmin
  • Enjoys the simple pleasures to be found in taking things to bits, and then attempting to re-assemble them
  • Spent time in his youth playing MUDs online

Toby Moore


  • Java Developer
  • A keen traveller, recently returned from an overland trip between Russia and Bali
  • BSc (Hons) in Software Engineering
  • Enjoys surfing, snowboarding, scuba diving and playing "Go"

Eric Harshbarger


  • US Based Puzzle Designer
  • Has previously been an expert Scrabble player
  • Also has amazing skills with Lego

Ben Burry


  • Java Developer by day
  • Kilt-wearing dark avenger by night
  • A highly regarded member of the Perplex City playing community, until snaffled to work for Mind Candy
  • Creator of the Perplex City Card Manager, instrumental in the maintaining of the Trades Site, and one of the founders and chief techies of Perplexorum.
  • Perplex City Profile: buzman
  • Unfiction Alumni: buzman

Marty Batten


  • Web & UI Designer

Lisa Long


  • Head of Business Development
  • Is consumed by the search for sugary comestibles

Mark Walker


  • Java Developer
  • Programming ninja
  • Previously did work with more commonplace games. Boy do we hope he knows what he's gotten himself into!

Ryan Conway


  • Network Administrator
  • Originally from way up north
  • Graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a degree in Computing Networks

Former Staff

Dave Blake


  • Developer
  • MA in Computer Science from Cambridge
  • Spent almost two years working for Jagex, developers of RuneScape

Adam Martin


  • Chief Technical Officer
  • MA in Computer Science from Cambridge University

Justin Berkovi


  • Art director
  • Set up and ran cult dance labels Predicaments and Nightrax
  • Has produced five solo albums and performed at clubs, raves and festivals worldwide
  • Also started his own design agency, and produced a wide range of work for Firebox
  • Website: [1]

Fiona Silk


  • Marketing
  • BSc. Hons. in Computer Science from Liverpool University
  • Unfiction Alumni: Fi

Mike Whitaker


  • System Architect
  • MA in Computer Science from Cambridge University
  • Plays Lindsey Buckingham in Fleetfoot Mike, a tribute band whose name everyone gets wrong
  • Now working for the BBC iPlayer team, having left MindCandy to work for Yahoo! UK.

Dr. Paul McCormick


  • Fearsome Emperor Of Card Production
  • PhD in Biostatistics at Cambridge University
  • The mole from the Clapham Common meet
  • Puzzle architect of the P01 Promotional Card, which was given out at ComicCon

Dan Hon


  • COO
  • Cloudmakers moderator
  • Pioneered The Trail, used by all subsequent ARG player groups
  • Holds an MA in Law from Cambridge University
  • Holds an MSc in Software Engineering from the University of Liverpool
  • Worked with Microsoft HIVE as Lead Online Community Developer
  • Blog: http://danhon.com/

Adrian Hon


  • Director of Play/Executive Producer
  • ARG player since 2001, with The Beast
  • Graduated from Cambridge University in 2003 with a degree in Natural Sciences
  • Left neuroscience DPHil at Oxford University in 2004 to join Mind Candy
  • Blog: http://www.mssv.net/
  • Sentinel Interview: Adrian's Sentinel Interview
  • In-Game Info:
    • Was introduced to Perplex City by Michael Smith, just after Hon started a PhD at Oxford
    • Has stated: "I don't think that we're in this for the money. We're helping because we have a genuine interest in helping Perplex City. Just as you're fascinated by our world, we're fascinated by yours."

Naomi Alderman


  • Lead Writer
  • Orange Award winning author of Disobedience
  • Has published academic papers on Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • An avid fan of Lucasarts' Monkey Island II

Andrea Phillips


David Varela


  • Writer
  • "Given enough coffee, David Varela can write anything. "
  • Has worked with Richard Attenborough and Sandra Bullock.