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Website: http://www.whipsmartice.com/


  • In the especially hot summer of 2005, Whipsmart managers opted not to raise prices or drop quality in order to meet demand.
  • In May 2006, the cows were beplagued by a non-malignant virus, which seems to have only affected milk output.
    • Again the company promised to not raise prices.


Ad Campaign Material

  • Ice cream made by clever cows, designed to improve your IQ
  • Whip Smart cows are supposedly bred for their intelligence and puzzle solving skills
  • "Expanding waistlines and IQs since 242"


Cows. Make. Ice. Cream.
Cows. On. The. Green.

If you want some ice cream,
Come to the cows on the green,
They are very smart on the green,
The cows that make ice cream.

Cows that do arithmetic!
Cows that make ytou drool and lick!
Greatest cows ther ever were!
Tastes so good you must concur!

Magic cows that make ice cream!
Smarter than you've ever seen!
Cows that bring you all the fun!
Cows that are the number one!



Flavour Reference
Coffee Annan Kofi Annan
Cube Berry The Receda Cube
David Hassletoffee David Hasselhoff
Isaac Neopolitan Isaac Newton
Monkey Puzzle Araucaria araucana aka "Monkey Puzzle Tree"
Pear De Fermat Pierre de Fermat
Piquant Pecan
Quantum Cherry
Rummy Descartes René Descartes
Vanilla Vanilla
New For 2006!
Benjamint Franklin Benjamin Franklin
Choca Block
Coconundrum The restaurant Conundrum, in the city.


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