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  • A worm that infects Keys through a vulnerability in modern key hardware, called Magic Lamp
  • Last year, Djinn swept through the Perplex City Academy and other large city institutions, causing data and productivity losses of up to PCL750m.
  • Security experts at Key Surity Inc. have reported finding several keys around the city infected with a worm dubbed "Son of Djinn"
  • According to a recent leak from Centrifuge, next-generation keys are still susceptible to Djinn; the new virus can cause the same amount of damage as the first, but in about a fifth the time frame.


  • Perplex City Sentinel
    • article, 28.03.05, "Djinn Jr. Reported" (link)
    • article, 25.05.05, "Next-Gen Keys Susceptible to Djinn" (link)