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The search for the Receda Cube on Earth


  • A worm that infects Keys through a vulnerability in modern key hardware, called Magic Lamp
  • in 2005 year, Djinn swept through the Perplex City Academy and other large city institutions, causing data and productivity losses of up to PCL750m.
  • Security experts at Key Surity Inc. have reported finding several keys around the city infected with a worm dubbed "Son of Djinn"
  • According to a recent leak from Centrifuge, next-generation keys are still susceptible to Djinn;
    • The new virus can cause the same amount of damage as the first, but in about a fifth the time frame.


  • ??-???-04 - Djinn virus wreaked havoc on the Academy
  • 28-MAR-05 - Djinn Jr. Announced
  • 25-MAY-05 - Next generation Keys are found to be susceptible to Djinn virus
  • 27-JUN-05 - Gregory Dempsey is fired; Centrifuge stock rises 6.4%

Creator of the Djinn Worm

  • For two years, the people of Earth and Perplex City agonized over the identity of the scoundrel who created the Djinn virus.
  • The list of potential guilty parties was quite long, and included such luminaries as Ruth Coralhouse and Sente Kiteway.
  • This was no ordinary whodunnit, however. On a surly evening, in a surly bar, Garnet was tipped off by an unknown informant. He was given a deck of cards, and an abstract clue.
  • This puzzlement would appear on Earth as Season 1 Card #243 - Shuffled (See: Shuffled)
  • Suspicions teetered at considerable length. When asked to comment, in the hopes that he may give a clue, Garnet said the following:

Hello -

You're quite right, Professor Kiteway was involved.

If you can tell me what the message you deciphered was, I can shed some light on the mystery for you.

Best Wishes,



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