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  • Centrifuge is Perplex City's leading technological security company
  • Centrifuge are currently sponsoring the Earth Studies department of Perplex City Academy
  • Centrifuge's stock went into a steady decline following the theft of the Receda Cube
  • Centrifuge has a number of high-profile contracts for campus security
  • Advances in security technology over the past five or eight years have all come from either Centrifuge or Key Surety Inc.
  • In March 2005, Centrifuge bought Key Surety Inc. for PCL2.3 billion in cash and stock
  • Had delayed the launch of its much-anticipated Key Extension series due to manufacturing hangups
  • Latest generation of Keys are more susceptible to Djinn virus attacks
  • Reportedly, many executive officers are losing their jobs over the recent news of Djinn vulnerability


Centrifuge Board

Former Employees


  • 16-JAN-04 - Receda Cube stolen; Centrifuge stock plummets.
  • 21-MAR-05 - The buyout of KSI is Announced
  • 28-MAR-05 - Djinn Jr. Announced
  • 25-MAY-05 - Next generation Keys are found to be susceptible to Djinn virus
  • 27-JUN-05 - Gregory Dempsey is fired; Centrifuge stock rises 6.4%