Emails between Sente Kiteway and Chadwick

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These emails were retrieved from the VHC tempfile.

  • The various Lakia designations are believed to relate the the canine subjects.
  • Tau-Seven is believed to be the human testing phase.
  • The implication is that Chadwick is in charge at Viendenbourg.


<message begins>

Master Kiteway,

[Recommend application for funding extension.]

As you are aware, a great deal of progress has been made in recent weeks. Phase one has been securely established and geotargeting is increasing in accuracy.

However, I feel we are reaching the boundaries of our potential with canine subjects. Laika 233 has degenerated severely since her transfer, fluctuating between extreme aggression and self-harm. If we are to fully understand the nature of transference, we must have access to fuller feedback. I propose we initiate Tau-Seven.

This is not a decision to be taken lightly. I will comply with your judgement on the matter, though I urge you to authorise the new stage.

<message ends>

<message begins>


Tau-Seven authorised.

CS has approved additional funding and, for my part, I give you my full support.

Go with Gyvann.
<message ends>