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Sente Kiteway
Perplex City
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Date of Birth
Futures Sign
Occupation Master of the Perplex City Academy
Associations Project 487, Viendenbourg
Email sente.kiteway at perplexcityacademy dot com


  • The Master of the Perplex City Academy
  • Lives in the Master's Lodgings, Milamont Parade
  • Sente was elected to become the Master Of The Academy in 263AC on the retirement of Professor Alyce Turnbull
    • Among his many ceremonial duties at the Academy is the opening of the summer barbeque, where he has to cook a meal for the top three students that year
  • Sente is also referenced as "S" on letters shown on
  • Sente has been called "The puzzle-solver, the bridge-builder."
  • The root meaning of Sente is "playing first" (having the initiative). A player has sente if it is their turn and they do not have to answer their opponent's last move. Thus, a player who has sente can decide where to play next. Accordingly derives from the game "Go".
  • On 08-SEP-05, Iona was granted an Interview with Sente Kiteway, which was remarkably insightful on the man and his motives.
  • He supports Anja Marlowe's Museum exhibit on The War;
    • Made the surprising move of addressing the assembled with a statement of care.

Explaining how to play


  • Born in Vingate in Perplex City's northern quarter
  • Took an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Linguistics at Marmalejo College and joined the Academy's Cryptology department in 223.
  • In 230, he published his seminal work on cryptological mathematics which is now the standard text for graduate researchers.
  • Between 229 and 236, he worked as a Junior Fellow.
  • He was a member of the puzzle-setting team for the PCAG on five occasions, and three of his cryptological puzzles won the Academy's Scribe Prize.
  • In 252 he became Senior Fellow in Cryptology. In this role, he oversaw the growth of the department, securing over PCL 60 million in corporate funding and sponsorship as well as building strong ties for the department with the government and military.
  • Professor Kiteway is well known for his research into autonomously-evolving cipher streams; the ubiquitous SNT coding device is only one of his creations.
  • He has worked as a consultant to defence intelligence and in the financial sector.
  • He has been a leader of several professional organisations, both in the private sector and in academia.
  • He serves as Executive Director of the Games' Schools Programme, which encourages young people to participate in the annual Games and coaches them in problem-solving skills.
  • Since 261 he has been Chairman of the Carrick Foundation, a charitable trust which awards grants to support technological innovation by small businesses and individuals.
  • Professor Kiteway was elected to become the new Master of the Academy in 263AC, on the retirement of Professor Alyce Turnbull
  • After the Blackout of 10-AUG-06, Kiteway and the Academy as a whole were accused of mis-using resources, maligning the city, and wreaking havoc on the citizenry. This caused Kiteway to pen an explanation of points, which explicitly mention, among other things, The Third Power.
Read the explanation:


Assited in authoring A 266 Case Study on the Academy security system, strengths and vulnerabilities, action points.

On this team project were:

Assited in authoring A 269 Case Study on threat analysis of various government institutions including "review of possible indicators that critical and secure communications channels have been tampered with or compromised."

Raw, obfuscated data is available at "269 Case Study Raw Data"

On this team project were:


  • 16-OCT-06 - The Sentinel reports on the goings on at Lancewood and Viendenbourg, citing the experiments conducted on Jake Maine and numerous canines.
    • City Council was called into immediate emergency session all day to discuss the matter.
  • 17-OCT-06 - After a vote of no confidence in Scott, it was announced that the City Council election is to be moved up to the 18th, just 1 day away.
    • It was also mentioned Camryn Scott and Academy Master Sente Kiteway may face criminal proceedings for their deeds.
  • 18-OCT-06 - Before election polling begins, Kiteway pens up a plea of understanding, which can be read on the academy website. link
  • 05-JAN-07 - Rumor had it the Academy Oversight Committee had gained information implicating none other than Sente Kiteway in a coverup of Ryan Cahill's enhancer usage in the 267 and 269 PCAG championship finals.
    • It suddenly seemed very possible Kiteway & Cahill may soon face criminal fraud charges, among other things.
  • 15-JAN-07 - Kiteway and Cahill were arrested during the 2007 Founder's Ball.
Sente's finest hour.


  • For many years, Sente had been the personal mentor and academic advisor to Ryan Cahill. The level of attention given to Cahill might be described as unusual, but certainly not unheard of.
  • From the period of time starting roughly in the 266 PCAG season, running until the 270 championship, Ryan Cahill was a skilled contender and masterful PCAG player and sportsman.
  • For an as-yet unspecified duration during that period, Sente was aiding Cahill in taking medical enhancers -- that is, drugs -- to improve his play. This is decidedly against PCAG rules.
  • This information came about when the Academy Oversight Committee discovered documents on Sente's key, and handed them over to the Substance Compliance division of the PCAG.
  • During the 270 Academy ball, on 15-JAN-07, events were finally brought to light, and both Sente Kiteway and Ryan Cahill were very publicly arrested.
  • This is largely a grandiose, coordinated power-play, on the part of Earlywine and the Academy Oversight Committee.
  • 17-JAN-07 - The Kiteway house, on Milamont Parade, was broken into.
    • There are calls for Henrik Tanner, and many others at the academy, to be sacked and replaced.
    • Scarlett and Violet get angry, and start getting in a mode to get even.
    • The break-in appears to have been done by some member of The Third Power, who subsequently discovered "artifacts from the cube Theft"
    • Assuming these artifacts were owned and used by one of the members of the household, The 3P kidnapped Scarlett.
    • See: Operation Bayonet for more on this.
  • 06-FEB-07 - Ryan Cahill confesses to all charges of drug abuse in a robust 30-pages.
    • Sente is released from prison with all charges completely dropped.

Contact info

The official residence of the Academy Master is in Milamont Parade, in a well furnished house with Ultra-modern Zingiber sofas and armchairs, Hausam-period urns, just across the park from the Academy.

  • Address:
Master's Lodgings
Milamont Parade
Perplex City

The Master's Office address is:

Office of the Master
One, Taversen Square
Perplex City 2210

Sente may be contacted by e-mail (though he rarely is given to respond):

sente.kiteway at perplexcityacademy dot com

Media are instructed to contact Patrick Azadian, Assistant to the Master:

patrick.azadian at perplexcityacademy dot com


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Sente is somewhat ubiquitous. All occurrences of his presence may not be reflected below.

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