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Camryn Scott
Perplex City
Date of Birth
Futures Sign
Occupation City Council member
Associations City Council, lost Leader position to Nathan Earlywine


Political Stance

  • Cast deciding vote in opening up the Northside Nature Preserve for potential development
  • Is described as having a "rather remote delegatory style" of leadership
  • Her spokesman is Kyle McForrester.
  • Voted in favour of developing the Northside in March 2005, but also voted in favour of saving it in June 2005
  • Is in favour of revitalizing Old Town area, and is exploring different methods of doing so
    • Feels that the biggest obstacle is overcoming public will against development of the area
  • Was outraged Hesh Records will be distributing the banned Viard album The Silver City on Earth.

Election Timeline

  • During the 2006 campaign, she was an apparent target of an infiltrating scheme by Douglass Finlay
    • Commented on the situation saying "I will feel very sorely betrayed" if it is true.
    • Finley's Campaign manager Anton Kaneda insisted it was instead "complete fabrication, probably concocted by the same members of the old guard who are now crying victim", indicating Scott herself ran a smear campaign to make Finley look bad.
  • 17-JUL-06 - First of many City Council Electoral Debates
    • Earlywine was widely regarded as coming out on top of the competition.
    • Received significant criticism on some of her past decisions, particularly in terms of agency oversight and budget decisions, and often seemed harried.
    • She defended her past decisions: "No leader works in a vacuum," she said.
    • She also accused Earlywine's plan of sounding like "Earth-inspired imperialist hubris."
  • 25-AUG-06 - When Finlay was arrested for influence peddling, invasion of privacy, and illegally acquiring unfair and unethical information to influence an electoral race, Scott expressed deepest regret at his loss of character, saying "I do sympathise with [Finlay's] motivations, he's only human, just like the rest of us, and just as prone to error. And it can be difficult not to press a perceived advantage."

Scott, Earlywine Even in Polls

Recent polls indicate that sitting Council Leader Camryn Scott and Council Member Nathan Earlywine, both candidates for the Council Leader post, are now running neck-and-neck in public opinion following popular candidate Douglass Finlay's exit from the race. The poll also shows fellow candidate Shannon Powell trailing with a scant 2% of the vote, and a full 18% of those polled remained undecided.

Sentinel, news in brief, 11-SEP-06

  • 28-SEP-06 - Gave a public address this morning that it is "easy to paint a picture in black and white, but hard to live in one." She suggested that Earlywine's proposed massive sweep of alterations to government administration may indeed cut down on redundancy and cost, but "at the cost of autonomy and flexibility. ... I, for one, would rather see our government be adaptable than monolithic and bound in procedures and rules, even if it costs a little more."
  • 17-OCT-06 - After a vote of no confidence in Scott, it was announced that the City Council election is to be moved up to the 18th, just 1 day away.
    • It was also mentioned Camryn Scott and Academy Master Sente Kiteway may face criminal proceedings for their deeds.
    • No criminal proceedings have, to date, been drawn up.
  • 08-JAN-07 - Scheduled to be in meetings all day with Earlywine, suggesting he may be considering an alteration to the Earth-link lockdown.

Votes and Political Positions

20-MAR-05 Open the Northside for Development YES
12-JUN-05 Sell the Northside to Nature's Trust YES
29-JUN-05 Support Redevlopment in The Old Town YES (not an official vote, but a political stance)
27-OCT-05 Ban Viard album The Silver City YES
Early APR-06 Support development of methods of travel between cities who signed the Halley Peace Accord YES (not an official vote, but a political stance)


  • Quirky Acuity, Violet's blog
    • entry, 16-JAN-07 "Cursed" link

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