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*[[Old Town]]
*[[Old Town]]
===Bureaux & Units===
*Property crime
*Violent crime
*Special investigations
*General Enquiries Unit
*Media Unit
==Members of Police Force==
''Complete listing at: [[Police Employee Listing]]''
*[[Eoin Morgan]] - Police Chief
*[[Gerard Boarhide]]
*[[Camden Ho]]
*[[Heidi Lokhande]]
*[[Gordon Sharp]]
*[[Petra Fishcook]] ''Deceased''
*[[Patrick Harrison]] ''Deceased''
*[[Julia Albright]]
*[[Richard Awl]]
*[[Harrah Finnegan]]
*[[Helena Frye]]
*[[Jermaine Horn]]
*[[Tara Millar]]
===Judicial Branch===
*[[Dewson Fedental]] - Judge
*[[Roland Feehan]] - Judge
*[[Erik Hornblair]] - Judge
*[[Lucia Janowicz]] - Judge
*[[Amrit Schutte]] - Judge
===Coroner's Office===
*[[Dr. Calvin L. Lavant|Calvin Lavant]] - Consultant Toxicology and Autopsy

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Website: http://www.perplexcitypolice.com/

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Mission Statement

Perplex City Police Department is dedicated to preventing and detecting crime across the Perplex City metropolitan area. PXCPD uses the latest technology and techniques to maintain a lawful society.

By upholding the law, we aim to give citizens the freedom to enjoy fulfilling lives, in peace.



Physical address

PXCPD General Enquiries Unit
Polygon Precinct
Archway Boulevard/Teichman Road
Perplex City