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  • A large park, situated in the center of the city.
  • Being so large, there are a great many points of interest within.
  • "Though records are incomplete, Polygon Park is thought to date back to the founding of Perplex City. The overall layout has not changed significantly, with the lakes and amphitheatre remaining relatively untouched. Plans are being drawn up to excavate portions of the park for archeological purposes."
  • "With dozens of miles of trails and paths, Polygon Park is the running hub of Perplex City. The Polygon Park Runner's Club has several thousand members and meets three times a day at the northeast corner."

The park is defined by Milamont Parade to the north, Fivebridges Lane to the west, Mazy River to the south, and to the east; This excludes a section particularly defined by Polygon Walk and Old Polygon Walk (and by extension, the Academy).


    • The Perplex City Academy is situated at the intersection of the Park corner and the Mazy River, just outside the park.
    • Cognivia's main R&D labs are just outside the southern edge of the park.

Events and Specifics

  • Perplex City Academy's Natural Sciences department displays an algal-bloom exhibit in specially constructed tanks. The algae have been genetically engineered to produce astonishing "fractal-style" patterns.
  • One of the first sights to greet park visitors is The Unsolved Qi-Qu Puzzle
    • Dating from the pre-Hausam period, this ancient puzzle was unearthed during the construction of the park and donated to the Academy by the city.
  • The Annual Polygon Marathon is held here, the first week in May.
    • Over 18,000 runners compete on a purely physical level; Another 9,000 participate in the parallel puzzle marathon.
    • The course loops north through the commercial district before doubling back and completing a circuit of the park at the finish.
    • The winning prize is on the order of PCL100,000.
  • An annual outdoor sculpture exhibit is established in the park in late May. Past works include Theobold Ontaiga's Enigmatist.
  • On 08-APR-05, Ryan Cahill received a key to the city from Council Leader Camryn Scott in a ceremony at Polygon Park honoring his exceptional community service.
  • Site of Northside conflict protest, at which 2,000 protestors gathered on 11 April 2005, and police arrested the five major speakers and organisers at the protest.


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