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The search for the Receda Cube on Earth


AQSYS interface system:
Team leader for the AQSYS project: Harrison Jones
AQSYS head engineer: Horace Gladmason

The AQSYS, or Air Quality System, was first launched in 198 as a small network of simple aerostats designed to collect atmospheric data. Today, though, the program comprises a network of thousands of lightweight airborne instrumentation packages that help monitor not only weather and air quality, but also traffic, groundwater patterns, fire risk, and more.

  • Effectively, this is a series of weather balloons.
  • Onboard are a series of generalized and specialized tracking devices, among them isotope detectors.
  • On 16-JUL-06, as part of his budget plan, City Council member and Leader Candidate Nathan Earlywine proposed cutting the budget for this system, stating it was much too bloated and carried far more equipment than was legitimately needed.
    • This was met with some anger in the science sector, as many view AQSYS as a useful and needed network of aerial sensor equipment.
  • With modifications by Kurt, some of us on earth were able to use the AQSYS syetm to track a number of parcels on the ground.
    • This interference with the system left many scientists in the city stranded, giving way to speculation that the AQSYS funding should not be cut.


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