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  • Govening body of Perplex City
  • The council is made up of nine members.
  • The electorate chooses one council for each of the nine voting districts.
  • The City Council Leader is the elected Councillor who received the most votes from multiple regions.
    • This has the effect of the most populated voting districts carrying the greatest sway.
  • Not too far from the Academy, near Camblin Park, sits what used to be the seat of Perplex City's government. The seat has long since moved, but big business deals and elbow rubbing still takes place here.

Council Members

Elected Council

  1. Nathan Earlywine - Council Leader
  2. Camryn Scott
  3. Kyra Anghanda
  4. Gisele Karmin - newest member, replaced Henniker
  5. Roy Yolen
  6. Ruth Sawyer
  7. Aashiyana Skye
  8. Armand Levi
  9. ?

Former Members

Support staff

2006 Election

  • The election was scheduled for 27-OCT-06, but after revelations by the Kiteway daughters about Camryn Scott's involvement with the Viendenbourg experiments, and a vote of no confidence against Scott, it was rescheduled for 18 OCT.
  • Results:
  • Those who ran for the office of Leader:
    • Incumbent Camryn Scott
    • Council-member Nathan Earlywine
    • Long-time maverick Shannon Powell
    • Business-man and troubled political neophyte Douglass Finlay.
      • Finlay officially dropped out of he election on 17-AUG-06, and was arrested on 25-AUG-06, making it incredibly unlikely that he will win.


  • 17-JUL-06 - City Council Leader Electoral Debates
  • 24-JUL-06 - A series of district debates commences
  • 27-OCT-06 - General Elections
  • 18-OCT-06 - Rescheduled election
City-council-logo.gif Perplex City Council

LEADER: Nathan Earlywine
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Gerard Rawbones | Aben Henniker | Shannon Powell | Douglass Finlay | Giordana Moore | Margaret Wildwood
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