Alasandro Mere

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Alasandro Mere
Perplex City
Date of Birth
Futures Sign
Occupation Property Manager
Associations Ascendancy Point


  • Ascendancy Point Property Manager
  • Responsible for the building's 1000-strong staff and day-to-day operations since the day the building opened.
  • Believes all the problems in the Point are simply a little wear and tear, and are "Nothing to worry about".
  • Refers to the point as "Pinnacle of prestige living."


Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately all the units in the building are currently let. If vacancies become available, residential apartments are let at the following rates:

Floors 40-60 Single-level apartments at PCL 30-35,000 a month. These apartments benefit from the pools and gymnasiums on every third floor as well as communal wind-buffered patio gardens.

Floors 80-100 Single-level apartments at PCL 45-50,000 a month. These apartments benefit from pools and gymnasiums on every floor and communal wind-buffered gardens.

Floors 120-140 Single-level and duplex apartments at PCL 65-85,000 a month. Duplex apartments benefit from private terraces, while single-level apartments may benefit from private gardens.

Floors 150-170 Duplex and triplex apartments at PCL 100-150,000 a month. These high-prestige apartments all include private terrace gardens and private pools. Several of the apartments include rooms which take up the entire floorspace of that level of the Point, affording 360-degree panoramic views of the City.

These benefits are of course in addition to universal Ascendancy Point benefits including 24-hour concierge service, access to the arboretum, public gardens, art galleries, large screens, laundry and cleaning services, and the wide variety of Point businesses which provide their services to residents at a substantial discount.

Please contact your licensed real estate broker who will be able to provide you with updates as and when one of our exclusive residential opportunities becomes available.

Alasandro Mere