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Perplex City Sentinel

Below Opens Up

Below, the new restaurant by chef Remy Hathaway, has opened up in a subaquatic enclosure beneath the Mobius Strip. The ambience delivers with its soothing water-filtered light and stunning vistas of marine life, but the food has not yet hit its pace. Dishes that should be simple, such as the avocado-and-pear salad, come across as too fussy, while the seafood offerings are unexpectedly and unhappily bland. Three stars.

Hesh Intranet

Venue -- Sat. June 12 7pm @ Below, good ambience, fantastic food, 50,000 minimum tab, sole use of the venue for an extra 10,000 lecks, sounds worth it to keep the aspiring Alejos away, contract should be signed by tomorrow 1275 PCL per head -- 6 hours open bar, food passed on trays and in stations, NO EARTH FOOD PLS Contact is Jamie Pikestaff, venue event co-ordinator, seems nice & really helpful