Alejo Jackson

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Alejo Jackson
Perplex City
Alejo jackson.jpg
Date of Birth
Futures Sign Maze
Occupation Frontman for Roll For Damage
Associations Often appears in the Sentinel; romantically involved at times with Joya

See Image:Alejo Publicity.jpg for a much larger version of this image.


"Alejo sacrifices everything for his music. He forgets that not everybody has his kind of stamina."

--Bandmate Keenan "KT" Thoreau

  • Has what has been described as 'single-minded dedication' to the music.
  • Was interviewed by Iona Rodie on or about 25-JAN-06
  • Was perfectly aware bandmember KT was a Reconstructionist; didn't see that it mattered
  • On 06-FEB-06, it was announced he would give a live-chat with Earth-citizens
  • At one point in 2007 or 2008, Alejo happened to spend some time at the Alchemy resort, at the same time as Violet, to her immense elation.


Satine Noir

  • Their relationship appears to be but a distant memory.


  • It is unclear when exactly the couple broke up, exactly.
  • It is a well known rumor that he is still very emotionally attached to Joya
  • the RFD song Fumble is probably about this relationship.
  • Was present when Joya gave birth to Allegra Melody.
  • May be the father of Allegra Melody.
  • "Allegra" may even be named after him.

Aurora Belle

  • Was involved in a very public relationship with singer Aurora Belle
    • The two had been seen publicly, with her hanging all over him.
    • ...And had been spotted house shopping.
    • ...And were reportedly singing together at some point.
    • ...And then Alejo dumped her after her Iona Rodie interview.
  • Public opinion is divided between:
    • those who support Alejo and think Aurora is a possessive baby.
    • those who support Aurora and think Alejo is a selfish inconsiderate jerk.
  • In any event, the buzz was probably very good publicity for the forthcoming Roll For Damage album Take Initiative.

Joya, Redux

  • 02-AUG-06 - Rumors mills being what they are, it would seem the tides have changed once again.

Joya, Alejo Reconcile

Celebrity-watchers say that pop stars Joya and Alejo Jackson were spotted together Wednesday afternoon with Joya's daughter, Allegra Melody, enjoying what appeared to be a very domestic picnic at Caesura Park. The sighting has sparked inevitable rumours that the pair of musicians are rekindling the romance they ended over a year ago.

The Sentinel, more news in brief, 03-AUG-06

And, the end. Again.

Alejo, Joya Quarrel

Pop stars Alejo Jackson of Roll for Damage and singer Joya were spotted having a heated row on Saturday night, dampening the hopes of those fans who had hoped the two were well on their way to a romantic reconciliation. Their argument came during what had until then appeared to be an amiable night out for the two at Cervantes.

The Sentinel, more news in brief, 04-SEP-06

  • Later, in the several-years-later update by Violet, she mentions that Alejo & Joya seem quite happily together again, probably for good this time.

Legal Problems

  • In 264, Bandmates Thoreau and West were arrested on drug charges and sentenced to undergo treatment.
  • 03-MAY-05 - Was arrested for assault on Ian Petreson, public drunkenness, and disturbing the peace
  • 20-SEP-05 - Was arrested for driving a car while under the influence of Sublimistat.
    • Was pulled over for speeding and swerving, on the way to a show at Heidi's on Azad Lane
    • Released on bail, 21-SEP-05
    • He does have a prescription for Sublimistat.
  • On or about the 15-OCT-06, Alejo once again found himself in legal trouble.
    • However, by way of contrast (as a sort of indicator of how big this news actually is) no front page coverage was given to the topic; The same day, the Viendenbourg coverup had been uncovered, and was monopolizing people's attentions.
    • The following is known: 16-OCT-06 "Alejo Arrested", 19-OCT-06 "Hesh Defends Alejo"


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  • Quirky Acuity, Violet's blog
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