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Especially unusual about Perplex City is it's unique calendar, which is important to establish.

  • The year 1737 AD is marked as year 1 AC.
  • The year 1736 AD is marked as year 0 BC.
  • Everything after that time is referred to as AC, and everything before is referred to as BC.
  • The current year, 2007, is marked as 270 AC.
  • It is unclear what exactly prompted the shift.
  • By many appearances, the perplexian calendar is especially used in religious and historical contexts.
  • The common belief is that it has something to do with The Receda Cube, and The War.
  • It has been suggested that "BC" and "AC" mean "Before Catastrophe" and "After Catastrophe," and that the catastrophe being referred to was a grandiose cataclysm which occurred during the War, wiping out a huge swath of land (Which is now known as Catbite Gorge) as well as killing or displacing countless civilians.
  • Some have pointed out:
    • In 1737 there was indeed a syzygy, as observed by John Bevis.
    • Mercury, Venus, and Earth were exactly in alignment.
    • It is the only such event in recorded history.
    • An in depth explanation of the event can be seen here:
    • The reader is cautioned: at this time, the importance of this event is unknown.
  • However, All other aspects of the calendar appear to be just like Earth's calendar!
    • 1 year has 12 months,
    • 1 month has 4 weeks and a few days,
    • 1 week has 7 days,
    • 1 day has 24 hours.

And, just to make things interesting, not all dates in Perplex City are represented using the Perplexian calendar. There appear to be about as many places where the Perplex Calendar is used as not. Sometimes (as is the case in this wiki) both dates are used side by side, such as 2005 (268 AC) However, this is most frequently used in situations where the material is specifically published for an Earth audience (eg: The Sentinel) so may not reflect local Perplexian custom.