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  • Twenty-three locations shut down after City inspectors identify serious health and safety violations at a central food preparation plant
  • No known cases of a customer being ill from eating contaminated Crispy Heaven foods
  • Crispy Heaven had been on the rise on the PCX
  • Services include Crispy Crunchers product line
  • Ran a "Take a Bite of Heaven" ad campaign
  • As the whole stigma of closings faded from memory, the stores began to do very very well, exceeding expectations.

Court Case

  • 21-MAR-05 - 23 Crispy Heaven locations were shut down after inspectors found serious health and safety violations at the Crispy Heaven central food preperation plant.
  • 04-APR-05 - A suit was filed against Crispy Heaven.
  • 13-APR-05 - The 23 locations which closed on the 21st March were re-opened.
  • 05-MAY-05 - The Crispy Heaven suit had grown but again we were unable to access the full details of this.
  • 08-JUL-05 - Sales were exceeding previous years; The business had not only overcome the social stigma attached to it, but exceeded any expectations.
  • 25-OCT-05 - Spokesman Gwyneth St. Paul was announcing the success of the company to overcome the whole matter.
  • 12-DEC-05 - The case was officially settled out of court. The amount of the settlement remains undisclosed.