Edwina Mountling

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  • Head of Lancewood in 1732
  • Described by Anthony Granier on 13 March 1736 "an Academy scholar."
    • This suggests not only was Lancewood a top secret project, but not even her travelling companions knew her full capacity of employment.
  • At least once in 1732, requested more programmers from the Academy, claiming they need to be on site.
  • Accompanied Anthony Granier on an expedition to 'the north', presumably to Viendenbourg.
  • Was "sent ... to ensure that certain matters, certain elements of knowledge should be kept only for [Academy Master Vianne Adamek], and for the group of loyal scholars she has formed. She wishes the power for herself."
  • Assisted in Granier's studies and experiments in the northlands.
  • Was often sullen and moody while attempting to come to grips with her grim uindertakings.
  • Was aged well beyond her years; tho she was in her mid-thirties when abroad, she appeared easily 50.
  • May have overseen the production of TheReceda Cube
    • Specifically, was in charge of a "General Purpose Self-Contained Material System (Cubic)"