Fenlon's Coffee House

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  • Originally known as Fenlon's Fine Tea and Coffee Emporium, circa 1730.
    • Slogan: "Healthful and refreshing."

Fenlon's is practically a prototypically ideal slice of perplexian lifestyle. The puzzles, questions, and hypotheses which may be discerned in Fenlon's humble walls are profound. A discrete math puzzle which relates to Fenlon's:

Fenlon's Coffee House sells wonderful doughnuts, but for reasons known only to Fenlon himself, you can only order them in boxes of 6, 9 or 20. So, if you wanted to buy 73 donuts, you could buy two boxes of 20, three boxes of 9 and one box of 6.

But what's the largest number of doughnuts you *can't* (precisely) order using these three box sizes?


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