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  • Referred to as "Holy Gyvann The Builder"
  • Wrote The Book of The Six
  • The first to achieve one-ness with the Cube.
  • Many pictures and statues portray Gyvann with a cube-shaped head as a metaphor to show that he had gone beyond earthly desires and was one with The True Cube at all times.
  • He is remembered especially on the Cubist holiday Gyvann's Day, which is a cheerful celebration with burning torches and feasting, and takes place at Summer solstice.

Quotes By Gvann

When one stone is set upon another, there I will dwell among you.

My children, it is only that which is absent which must be sought.

If any man doubt these words, let him sit for an hour in the presence of the One and then let him speak again, for no speech shall stand in the face of it.

And they asked Gyvann: Are there other paths? And he said: Yes. And they said: Gyvann, then, why shall we not take other paths? And he said: My children, shall not the road be winding? And they asked one another: What does this mean? And he said: Those who ask "what does this mean" show themselves to be fools. They should ask, rather, what road do I walk? And they were silent.

For does not the Cube show us the way in building, and was not Gyvann himself a builder and shall we not then build? Let us, therefore, build. And they built a great fortress, yet by the power of the Cube it was toppled to the ground, and they built a mighty tower, yet by the power of the Cube it was utterly removed, thus they built a lowly shack and it was good.

And he said: reject, my children, those who call you to destroy, for only in the cube lies the power of destruction. And they asked: does not every man die in his season? And he said: only with the Cube's will.

And he said: take not my words as sacred, for in the Cube alone lies the power and each man must seek it for himself. And in this he showed himself to be the most humble of men, may his name be praised forever.

And Gyvann said doubt not that the cube speaks or that its voice is heard
--From the green Leitmark

Precious are the stones my children, precious that which is dug from the

earth. Precious are the rubies, the diamonds, the emeralds and the topaz. I

hold fast to the amethysts. They mingled them with sapphires, so I threw

them both from me. Only one choice remained and from then nothing was

right. My children I did not despair, as you must not despair. A quadru-

ped appeared before me, its middle leg held proudly forward. I turned my

back to it and strode forward. But after only 20 ammot(?) the light was upon

me. Precious, my children, is the light.

--From the Season 1 Card #030 - End of The Line

Quotes By Others

"I am a tool fit to work only the will of Gyvann. Being used that way is the highest calling a human being can hope for."
--Popular musician Keenan "KT" Thoreau

Life of Gyvann

(S2 Card backs)

And it came to pass that Gyvann once was walking in the fields, and he met a peddlar, a stooped woman, a woman of aged years. And he said to her: woman, show me your wares. And the woman said: my lord, these wares are not seemly for you. For she was but a humble woman. And he said to her: lay them out. And she refused. And he said to her a third time: show me that which is in your pack. And she opened her pack and laid the wares before him and he examined them and he bought them from her, every item and gave her gold and silver coins, then times the value. And the woman was much astonished. And he said to her: think not that there is greater and lesser, not more not less worthy. For in the Cube is the power of all-that-is, so shall we not all be humbled? And this saying is carven into the rock of the place where he spoke it, at the crossroads near the city of Angra.

And it came to pass that Gyvann took unto him a wife, Durisa, a Machianite woman of great learning. And Durisa bore him Golda and Nayna, Hindman and Richan. And Gyvann was well-pleased. And it came to pass that Durisa too grew in knowledge of the Cube and for this reason she is known as "prophet" and "holy one". But she spoke only to the women and said: let not my words be written in the book of Gyvann, but let them be passed from one to the next as a cup of wine is poured from vessel to vessel. But she said: let this story be my words written in the book, hard by the words of Gyvann for as I am by his side so our words will sit one by the other. And she said: do not worship Gyvann. For is he not as all other men? Do not his feet stink, does not his hand shake, and will not his time come as that of all men? Rather, she said, worship the Cube, for it neither fades nor dies. And she said: do not worship me. For am I not as all other women? Does not my eye fail, are not my steps slow and will not my time come as that of all women? Rather, she said, worship the Cube, for it gives birth not to three or four but to worlds. And Gyvann said: in this matter, her wisdom is greater than my wisdom.

And it came to pass after the death of Gyvann that a great convocation was called of all those who had been his friends, his followers and his students. It was in the third month, at the new moon, at the mountain of Esk. And they debated and discussed all that he had taught them, and meditated upon the holy light of the Cube and upon the words of Gyvann. And Durisa, the Machianite, his wife, spoke saying: let us have no fortune-telling. For one of the students had told that Gyvann had come to him in a dream. And she continued: let us delve in his words, and toil in them. And let us write our own words, and coninute in meditations on the holy Cube. And let us share this light with those who may listen to our words. And they did ass she had said. And from this council gre up the mighty schools of learning in the city of Lecks and in the city of Vyehall and in the lands of the west. But that the words of Gyvann should not perish from the land, they wrote the stories of him that they remembered into volumes, and they taught them to their children, and to their children's children.

And it came to pass in the evening of his life that Gyvann called those he loved to him. And to each of this sons and his daughters he gave a blessing saying: You shall be strong and mighty in battle, yet must you learn peace. You shall be great in wisdom, yet must you learn humility. You shall be rich in men's esteem, yet must you learn compassion. You shall be filled with the spirit of holiness, yet must you learn love. And he said to them: think not, fruit of my loins, that your birth makes you great. For does not the Cube have no parent, nor ancestry? Yet is it not greater than all the rest? And they called in the close companions who had gathered in the courtyard and on the roads and in the fields. And he said to them: remember me not. It is not I, but the Cube. I have done nothing which you may not learn to do yourselves, I have taught no wisdom which the Cube will not give to any who asks. And they wept and called him teacher and guide. And he said to them: bury me not in some vaunted place, but among the people, that my grave may be forgotten. But remember the Cube. And he said unto his wife Durisa the Machianite: we shall meet again, in the Cube. And he died. And the people wept and mourned, and they did according to his words and hence his grave is not known.


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