The Brotherhood of the Six

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  • E-Mail: april.flynnt at brotherhoodofthesix dot com


  • A Religious Cult in the City which practices Cubism
  • Seen as especially pious
  • Follows the gospel according to Gyvann
  • Formerly worshiped The Receda Cube as one of the true forms of God.
    • This changed, however, when it was revealed that the Cube was a weapon of mass destruction.
  • May be one of the oldest Cubist groups known.
  • Is considered by many to be succeeded by such other Cubist groups as The Reconstructionists and The Brotherhood in the Old Town.
  • Includes (though, is not exclusively) a celibate order dedicated to good works and a fuller understanding of the Cube
  • Has long kept silent on the topic of construction in the Old Town.
    • Began speaking out in favour of construction in mid 2006.
    • The significance here is unclear.
  • Meditation is a key part of the faith, which is done while sitting inside a large cube.
  • Wholeness of body, eschewing drink and drugs are also encouraged tenets
  • Also, this is a religion of proselytizing. Spreading the good word is somewhat required of members.
  • Observes the Following holy days:
    • The Builder's celebration - at Spring Equinox, this is a time to lay foundations to new buildings.
    • Gyvann's Day - at summer Solstice, a cheerful celebration with burning torches and feasting, honoring Gyvann
    • The Lighting of the Way - at autumn equinox, the festival of re-affirming our dedication to the Cube and of witnessing Gyvann's message to the world.
    • Restitution of the Cube - celebrated at the Winter Solstice, with three days of prayer, meditation. It is traditional to light cube-shaped candles at this time.
  • In 2006, following the discovery that The Receda Cube was a weapon of mass destruction, religious fervor in the city seemed to flail into an all-time low. However, following an early-December swelling, that year's Restitution of The Cube was met with burgeoning throngs of followers across the city.
  • Plans a great commemoration of the Syzygy, an astronomical event considered to have great religious import.

Known Members


Thank you for your message, to which I shall respond as soon as I am able.

Blessings be upon you. May the light of the Cube shine in your heart now and forever more.

Sister Flynnt

-- Celebrate winter solstice 267 with us! Festive service begins at 9pm on Tuesday 21 December!


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