Halley Peace Accord

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  • The Halley Peace Accord was signed in March 2005 (268 AC).
  • Formally declares a state of peace between all of the involved cities for the first time (Though none have actively been in conflict with one another in hundreds of years, since The War).
  • Inside the city, some fear the peace accord will lead to strife.
    • The city has been a self sufficient body for many many years, and it is feared this will open relations too far, and rock the boat too much.
    • Logically, however, most will agree opening foreign relations should be a good thing.
  • The Perplex City Council is planning a series of seminars to enable Perplex City residents to better adjust to the idea of outsiders visiting the fair city.
  • In general, enhanced commerce is expected to be the greatest asset the treaty brings.


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