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Need to know how to edit the wiki? This article covers the most common questions.

How do I make a new page?

First, search for the topic using the Search page to make sure it's not already covered. If Search can't find it, you'll be given the option to start a page with that subject. Just click on the red link, and start typing!

How do I edit a page?

With the exception of protected pages such as the Main Page, all pages on the wiki have a related edit tab. Just click on the edit' tab and start typing!

How do I use wiki markup?

An article's edit page includes buttons that allow you to easily apply wiki formatting to selected text. Try it out!

You may also type wiki markup directly. A full list of commonly-used markup is available on Wikipedia. Here's some quick tips:

Groups of single quotes are used to provide emphasis to words. For example, bold would be written like this: '''bold'''.

Use single square brackets to link to a page on another website. Example: [ Google] makes the link Google.

Double square brackets create intra-wiki links. For example, to link to the main page, type [[Main Page]]. It'll look like this: Main Page. To change the text of the link, use a |. Example: [[Main Page|START HERE!!!]] will come out like this: START HERE!!!

Use a : at a beginning of a line to indent. This line is indented once.
Use multiple : to indent more. This line starts with ::.
  • Lists are made by starting a line with an * (for unordered lists) or # (for ordered lists).
    • Use more to indent list entries. This line starts with **.

How do I upload an image or other media file?

Use the Upload file link on the toolbox menu (Logged in users only).

Supported file types include:

Images - GIF, PNG, JPG
Audio - MP3

How do I upload another type of file (text, doc, etc..)?

Do not upload text files, or files processed in a word processor; instead, copy the text directly into the wiki page and edit accordingly. If the original formatting is important, you may instead take a screen shot of the file and upload the screenshot image. Add the image to an article page, along with a transcript of the text.

If the file is in some other format not supported by the wiki, then you can either convert the file to a supported format, or upload the file elsewhere and provide a link to it on the wiki.

What's the preferred article style?

Detailed instructions on wiki style can be found on our Editing Guidelines page. In general, you should aim for the following:

  • Start each article with a short statement, summarising the most important or basic details about the subject.
  • Use sections to organise information and break up longer articles for easier reading.
  • Draw attention to important information:
    • Use bold and italics to add emphasis.
    • Create lists of basic details at the top of the page.
    • Use Infobox templates to portray important information in a concise format
  • Provide links to source statements in a References section.
  • Add categories or templates to a page to link similar subjects together.
  • LINK, LINK, LINK! Make intra-wiki links whenever possible.

Where should I put comments about a page?

Each page on the wiki has a related Discussion or Talk page. Comments or questions about a page should go on these pages. Never put comments or questions directly on an article page itself. You can sign your comment by using four tildes (~~~~). The signature will look like this: xnera 13:09, 29 September 2006 (PDT)

Although we welcome comments and discussion about the wiki pages themselves, we politely remind that the wiki is not the place for speculation about a subject. Instead, you may post your speculation at UnForums, Plexorum, or the forums.

Where can I additional help on...

The following Wikipedia resources provide additional help for specific topics.

...Wiki markup?

How to edit a page article provides detailed instruction on the most commonly used wiki markup.


Look here for categorization assistance.


See this for table help.


The Quick Guide will get you started; Help:Template provides detailed instructions; and for the courageous, there's Advanced template help.