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Hi! I'm xnera. I've been a Cubehunter since May 2006, and I've got several wiki projects I'm working on.

Calling Chicago-area Cubehunters!

Hey! Are you from the greater Chicago area? Interested in getting together with your fellow area Cubehunters for puzzle-card trading and solving, along with food & drink and stimulating conversation? I'm working on organizing the Chicago area Cubehunters. Because if we can show Mind Candy that there's a bunch of us here, then maybe we can convince them to host a LIVE EVENT! here in the future.  :D

Interested? Leave a comment on my Talk page, track me down on #syzygy (an IRC channel dedicated to Perplex City talk), or leave me a PM at UnForums.

About ME!

30-something female from the Chicago-ish area, owned by a cat, yadda yadda yadda.

I first heard about Perplex City when I stumbled across Unforums while searching for information about the River Tam Sessions, which were a series of short viral marketing videos promoting the movie Serenity. I was intrigued by the whole idea of ARGs, but at the time decided I wasn't quite ready to get involved in them.

Time passed. Then in May 2006, I was browsing ThinkGeek, looking for gift ideas for some friends of mine, when I saw the Perplex City Puzzle Cards on their site. I placed an order for my first four-pack of cards on 19 May 2006. I quickly became hooked, achieving the red leitmark in early June and the orange by the end of the June 2006.  :D I write about PXC often in my journal, and check for updates frequently throughout the day. I'm often found in #syzygy and on Unforums.

I've previously done indexing and summarizing as part of the historic_alley team. We indexed posts made to nraged, a fan community for the nocturne_alley Harry Potter RPG on LiveJournal. It was fun! I'm looking forward to making many contributions to the wiki.

Wiki Projects

Currently, I'm working on the following wiki projects:

Flagging Pages

One of the simpliest things I'm doing is flagging pages with the {{stub}} and {{cleanup}} tags, so as to identify pages that need work.


I'm creating categories and adding pages to those categories, whenever possible, so as to better link like pages.

Infobox Templates

I'm working on creating Infobox templates so that important information can be highlighted on article pages.


I'm expanding stub articles, and cleaning up larger ones. My goal is to make pages as clear as possible, while also including background information so that the reader gets a sense of how the topic at hand fits into the big picture.

Help pages

Finally, I'm updating the various Help pages and adding new ones so that they best serve the current needs of wiki users.