Jamie Dempster

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Jamie dempster.jpg


  • Perplex City player
  • Has the special distinction of being published in The Perplex City Sentinel's View From Earth Column.
    • Article, 20-JUL-06 "View From Earth: Compete or Collaborate" - Link
  • Was a Ranger at the London PCAG Event
  • Originator of the term banana (pronounced "ba-na-na")
  • Helped Kurt track down Miranda as a moderator for the 21-MAY-06 Mine Manhunt event
  • Was one of the noble few who went Mole-Hunting on Clapham Common
  • As a result of this, found himself as one of the infamous individuals credited on track_3.mp3 - the mere mention of which still brings him out in goosebumps
  • Although largely dismissive of the leaderboard, still holds a smidgeon of pride for being the first player to breach the 2,000 point barrier (primarily, because in doing so, it allowed him to usurp Oliver_Keers, albeit temporarily)


  • article, 20-JUL-06 "View from Earth: Compete or Collaborate" link