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The Perplex City Sentinel

All articles and features printed, sorted by author.


Perplex City Sentinel Staff Writers

Wilhelmina Best

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Felix Blake

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Kate Brewster

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News Coverage
  • article, 07-APR-05 "Pedestrian Killed by Vehicle" link
  • article, 20-APR-05 "Dev in Northside Supported, Poll Finds" link
  • article, 01-AUG-05 "Woman Rescues Family Capsized in Open Sea" link
  • article, 22-AUG-05 "Sentinel Changes Publishing Schedule" link
  • article, 29-AUG-05 "Commuters Delayed" link
  • article, 15-SEP-05 "Zingiber Transcends Ergonomic Furniture" link
  • article, 06-FEB-06 "Excitement for Earth Events Grows in City" link
  • article, 10-JUL-06 "Wave 4 Release Rumoured As Academy Leaks Like Sieve" link
  • article, 17-JUL-06 "Wave 4 Rumours Confirmed by MC" link
  • article, 31-JUL-06 "Wave 4 Anticipation Running High, Launch Today" link
Leaderboard Coverage

Jared Cherrywood

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  • article, 12-JUL-05 "Ikonnikoff Tragedy Memorial Planted" link
  • article, 29-AUG-05 "Archaelogy Breakthrough: Buried Land Art Found" link
  • article, 21-APR-06 "Mazyford Invaded By Honeybees" link
  • article, 01-JUN-06 "Hikers Sickened on Trail" link
  • article, 12-JUN-06 "Giant Mushroom Saves Five Lives in Woods" link
  • article, 03-AUG-06 "Doctor Arrested for Records Tampering" link

Antony Clapham

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  • article, 27-APR-05 "Wheel Season to Begin" link
  • article, 18-APR-06 "Polygon Marathon Expected to Break Attendance Records" link
  • article, 23-JAN-07 "Academy Students Wage Epic Annual Snowball Battle" link

Jeremy Claridge

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Alwhin Copi

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John Cormoran

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Gavin Crewel

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  • article, 19-MAY-05 "New 'The Lab' Announced" link
  • article, 22-JUN-05 "Names of Six 'The Lab' Contestants Leaked" link
  • article, 02-MAY-06 "Woolham Signs a Triple Deal with Generation" link

Alexei Fairetoure

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Roland Gerbera

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Roberto Goodwin

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Joyce Harrington

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  • article, 14-NOV-05 "Franke Performance Brings Tears, Joy to Fortunate Audience" link
  • article, 06-FEB-06 "Alejo to Participate in Ground-Breaking Live Chat with Earth Fans" link
  • article, 09-FEB-06 "Alejo Chat 'Exciting'" link
  • article, 25-JAN-06 "Fistfight in Crowd Ends Ooze Performance" link

Corinne Hathaway

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Corwin Jones

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Cho Kaplan

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Garima King

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Foster Liddell

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Julius Loman

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Amber Mai-Wan

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Iona Rodie

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Pietro Salk

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Lauren Sinclair

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  • article, 20-NOV-06 "Earth Leaders Push Past 25 Million Points" link
  • article, 01-DEC-06 "Height, Area of Solved Cards Very Large" link
  • article, 25-JAN-06 "No Reason For Second Season, Say Commentators" link

Natasha Valliere

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Lucas Voorhies

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Arling Wilson

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Other, 'Opinion/Editorial'

View from Earth


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A thank you to all contributors, 23-FEB-07: "A Note for the Sentinel's Earth Contributors" link

Hannah Saks

  • article, 09-MAY-05 "View from Earth: Celebrity Culture" link

David Abies-Alba

  • article, 15-MAY-05 "View from Earth: Currency Speculation" link

Ron Lenzi

  • article, 15-MAY-05 "View from Earth: Urban Boundaries" link

Brian Enigma

  • article, 27-MAY-05 "View from Earth: Dependence on Keys" link


  • article, 06-JUN-05 "View from Earth: Surprise Solidarity" link

Vlad 'Firefox' Dumitru

  • article, 10-JUN-05 "View from Earth: Prodigal Prodigy" link

Jamie Fishslim

  • article, 17-JUN-05 "View from Earth: Defending Earth" link

Simon Douglas

  • article, 24-JUN-05 "View from Earth: Reality Gaming" link
  • article, 18-APR-06 "View from Earth: City States" link

Mima Dixon

  • article, 01-JUL-05 "View from Earth: Caring for Health" link


  • article, 08-JUL-05 "View from Earth: Tragedy and Hope" link

Matilda Akama

  • article, 18-JUL-05 "View from Earth: Puzzling History" link

Seej Engine

  • article, 22-JUL-05 "View from Earth: Culture Clash" link


  • article, 29-JUL-05 "View from Earth: Privacy or Paranoia?" link
  • article, 15-SEP-05 "View from Earth: Teaching War" link

Vincent 'Kalt' Malley & PFC Peter Walker

  • article, 13-AUG-05 "View From Earth: Mixed-Up Meals" link

LT Ender

  • article, 22-AUG-05 "View from Earth: Future Relations" link

Oliver Keers

  • article, 25-AUG-05 "View From Earth: Impersonal Connection" link
  • article, 26-JAN-06 "View From Earth: One Strike?" link

Stephen Casey

  • article, 01-SEP-05 "View from Earth: Islington, Trellis, MC" link


R. I. Barnica

  • article, 22-SEP-05 "View from Earth: Orbiting Entertainment" link

L.K Girwood

  • article, 29-SEP-05 "View from Earth: History of More War" link

Mokey Fraggle

  • article, 13-OCT-05 "View From Earth: War of Ideas" link

Scott Myers


  • article, 27-OCT-05 "View from Earth: Crime and Punishment" link


Rachel Wild

  • article, 24-NOV-05 "View From Earth: Designs for Life" link
  • article, 14-AUG-06 "View from Earth: Long Distance Friendship" link


  • article, 08-DEC-05 "View from Earth: A Sporting Analogy" link

G. Perkins

  • article, 15-DEC-05 "View from Earth: Free Speech?" link


  • article, 04-JAN-06 "View from Earth: Good and Evil" link


  • article, 12-JAN-06 "View from Earth: Sexual Politics" link

Chris Martin

  • article, 19-JAN-06 "View from Earth: War is Good" link

Pete Davison

  • article, 23-FEB-06 "View from Earth: Cult of Celebrity" link
  • article, 18-MAY-06 "View from Earth: To Err Is Human" link


  • article, 16-MAR-06 "View from Earth: Cube Roots" link

Jo Prout

  • article, 23-MAR-06 "View from Earth: Education Matters" link

Sara Long

  • article, 30-MAR-06 "View from Earth: Medical Destiny" link


  • article, 06-APR-06 "View from Earth: Warm on Collaboration" link

Ian Whalen and Fiera

  • article, 27-APR-06 "View from Earth: The Snowball Effect" link

A.A. Thomas

  • article, 04-MAY-06 "View from Earth: Interworld Relations" link

Colin Clark

  • article, 25-MAY-06 "View from Earth: Demon-Haunted" link

Raymond Pheris


Susan Reynolds

  • article, 19-JUN-06 "View from Earth: Reading to Live" link

Gaspar Lewis

  • article, 29-JUN-06 "View from Earth: Anarchy in the PXC" link

Ryan Andrew

  • article, 06-JUL-06 "View from Earth: The Need for Celebrity" link

Jamie Demspter

  • article, 20-JUL-06 "View from Earth: Compete or Collaborate" link


  • article, 27-JUL-06 "View from Earth: Mad, Bad & Dangerous?" link

Laura E. Hall

  • article, 31-AUG-06 "View from Earth: The Great Wen" link

Paul Williams

  • article, 07-SEP-06 "View from Earth: Technology in Youth" link

Dan Clark

Nikki Slade

  • article, 12-OCT-06 "View from Earth: Political Posturing link

Sarah Hunt

  • article, 03-NOV-06 "View From Earth: Food and Lifestyle" link

Affy Person

  • article, 31-JAN-07 "View from Earth: Bring Season Two" link

Daniel Lyon

  • article, 23-FEB-07 "View from Earth: On the Journey" link

The ThusQED Team

  • article, 23-FEB-07 "View from Earth: After the End" link

Other Features

As a widely read resource, the Sentinel occasionally publishes other works for mass distribution.

The Perplex City Tour Guide

Holiday Fun Schedule

  • feature, 22-JUL-05 "Sentinel Opens Contest for Free Advertising" link
  • feature, 23-DEC-05 "Year in Review: Newsmakers of 268" link