Lauren Sinclair

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  • Journalist on the Perplex City Sentinel
  • Appears to have taken over for Kate Brewster in covering the leaderboard statistics, a change which was given the plain announcement "Kate Brewster is away."
    • It is possible Kate Brewster may have simply gone a bit mad with all the ridiculously repetitive work of reporting altogether mind numbing Leaderboard stats.

Articles Written

  • article, 20-NOV-06 "Earth Leaders Push Past 25 Million Points" link
  • article, 01-DEC-06 "Height, Area of Solved Cards Very Large" link
  • article, 05-JAN-07 "Sentinel Scrapes Barrel for Fresh Trivia" link
  • article, 25-JAN-06 "No Reason For Second Season, Say Commentators" link

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