Pietro Salk

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Pietro Salk
Perplex City
Date of Birth Unknown (d. 26-JUN-05)
Futures Sign
Occupation Journalist for the Sentinel
Associations Received information from the Advisor
Website http://www.salkfamily.com/

Pietro and his wife, Sylvia
The shirt reads "I solved the Mimasan Maze"

Pietro Vincent Salk Deceased Webpage: http://www.salkfamily.com/


  • Born 1968 or 1969
  • Married: 260 after a six-month courtship
  • No children
  • Deceased 26-JUN-05 (in the late evening hours) at the age of 37
  • Widow: Sylvia Salk
  • Mother: Rowena Salk
  • Father: Vincent Salk
  • Brother: Philip
  • Sister: Angela
  • In a band during college called 'The Flaming Miles'.
  • Took a Games Year
  • Lived on Eclipse Approach
  • Journalist for the Perplex City Sentinel
  • Was contacted by Monica Grand, with information about the Cube Theft.
  • Swiftly and unexpectedly sunk into a rapid coma on Monday, June 20
  • Emerged from this coma for several hours Wednesday, June 22, and was only able to interact with his Key.
  • Passed away a little while later, leaving a tangled web of mystery for us on Earth to solve.

The search for the Receda Cube on Earth




  • ??-???-90? - took a Games Year
  • ??-???-97 - Marries Sylvia Salk
  • ??-???-04 - Helped end a key fraud ring
  • 06-MAY-05 - Is first contacted by "The Advisor", Monica Grand. link
  • 10-MAY-05 - Followup with "The Advisor", Monica Grand.
  • 25-MAY-05 - Contact with Monica Grand regarding research progress
  • 01-JUN-05 - Lengthy conversation ("20 questions") with Monica Grand
  • 04-JUN-05 - Contact with Monica Grand regarding Sylvia & Paranoia
  • 07-JUN-05 - Contact with Monica Grand
  • 12-JUN-05 - Contact with Monica Grand; a fairly personal conversation about dreams and stuff
  • 13-JUN-05 - Contact with Monica Grand; plans made to meet
  • 16-JUN-05 - Planned meeting; instead, "The Minder" scared Monica Grand away. link
  • 18-JUN-05 - Contact with Monica Grand; Monica Grand seems to be quite attached.
  • 19-JUN-05 - Contact with Monica Grand; Salk suggests talking to the police;
    • A meeting is planned on Soltice Day at the Ascendancy Point, during Joya's wedding
  • 20-JUN-05 - Salk falls into a sudden and deep coma.
  • 21-JUN-05 - Solstice Day
  • 22-JUN-05 - Briefly emerges from coma; writes Pietros_maze
  • 26-JUN-05 - Dies in hospital
  • 28-JUN-05 - Funeral Services; Eulogy by Sister Golda Flynnt of The Brotherhood of the Six


  • more headlines, 21-JUN-05 "Reporter Salk in Coma"
  • article, 23-JUN-05 "Salk Briefly Emerges from Sudden Coma" link
  • radio interview, 27-JUN-05 Michiko Clark reports that Salk has passed away, mentioning the maze program and finding files. (transcript)
  • more headlines, 27-JUN-05 "Salk Dies in Hospital

Articles Written

Webpage: http://www.salkfamily.com/

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Codenames "V", "Q", "K" and "C", were hired to do the Theft. They are tied to the deaths of Fran Mendling, Bernardo Holyoke, Pietro Salk, Monica Grand, Isaac Cymbalisty, Anna Heath --- but someone else got to The Cube first. Who? And Why?

"We never held it, It was already gone."