Malcolm and Spencer Kaplan

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The search for the Receda Cube on Earth

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Malcolm Kaplan


  • Malcolm, 26, left Perplex City University in 265
  • Spencer, 23
  • Arrested on 8 Jan at 11 PM in connection with what has been called "Public Unrest", and amounts to 3 acts of violence.
    • Six officers were present, several of whom were needed to restrain Malcolm as he was dragged from his home in a dressing gown
    • Malcolm shouted, "Property is theft. The reality of our society are the individuals!"
  • Likely part of a larger, organized gang
  • Charged with three counts of destruction of property, one count of grievous bodily harm and one count of arson
  • The brothers demonstrated "off-grid" behavior commonly seen in certain insular, anti-communications technology religious communities, such as the Reconstructionists
    • The pair rarely saw or spoke to neighbors
    • Both made a concerted effort to vanish from the key network
    • PCBC Reconstructionists expert Lieutenant Camden Ho expressed his concern with the group members' seeming lack of motive in the crimes, as if "they've turned their back on society"
  • When police entered their house to arrest the two, they found the place literally covered in Earth merchandise.
    • This inclded posters, books, recordings, ornamental pieces and various other furnishings.
    • Moving further into the flat, the arresting officers noticed a change
    • Officers noted recordings from war rallies, press clippings from Earth conflicts including those in Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, and various terrorist attacks.
  • 13-JUL-06 - Both brothers were found innocent of all charges on the grounds of insanity.
    • The pair will be remanded to a secure psychiatric hospital for treatment of their violent impulses.
    • Members of the public gallery were shocked at the outcome; included in attendance were Annabel Child, Rebecca Glen, Johan Vale.

These anarchistic tendencies are a danger to our society in any form, and it is imperative that such destructive forces are eliminated from our society. ... My only hope is that these incidents will have brought to light this disease of lawlessness that threatens to engulf our city, before it is too late.

--Judge Roland Feehan