Public Unrest

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The search for the Receda Cube on Earth


  • Violent incidents have occurred around the city
  • Two suspects, Malcolm and Spencer Kaplan, were arrested in connection with these events
  • The police believe they are part of a much larger gang.
  • The criminals leave a calling card: A coloured symbol, and a word
  • The words have all, so far, been the names of anarchist organizers on Earth
  • Here is the running synopsis of them:

Date Colour / Shape Word Act (with Graffiti) Reference
3 Jan Blue Circle Proudhon Beating of Old Town resident Robert Drake
17 Jan Green Lightning Bolt Stirner Tearing down two trees in Euler's Disc
5 Feb Two White Horizontal Lines Warren Burning down the Creation Lane Soupery


Graffiti at the site is still clearly visible despite prompt application of a solvent: the word "Proudhon" in a large blue circle. Police chief Eoin Morgan commented on the case, "Mr. Drake was extremely lucky not to be more seriously hurt. ... We wish to assure members of the public that we will bring the culprits to justice. Precautions are being instituted to ensure this remains an isolated incident."

Vandalism Continues

There were further acts of vandalism in the Artists' Quarter Tuesday night, with two trees uprooted in Euler's Disc. The word "Stirner" was sprayed onto the bark of one of the trees, along with a green zig-zagged line, similar to a lightning bolt. The police have assured the public they are treating the matter extremely seriously.

Unrest, Violence Continue

Late last night, a window at the Soupery on Creation Lane was smashed and the premises set on fire. The building immediately summoned the fire brigade, who were able to bring the blaze under control, though the damage is expected to run to tens of thousands of lecks. Inside the charred interior, two white horizontal chalk marks could be seen, with the word "Warren" was scrawled between.

It's the senselessness of the acts that has all of us so disturbed. [These actions are] more like something you'd find on Earth." He also expressed disbelief at the apparent lack of motive in the crimes. "It's like they've turned their back on society," he said. "We're most concerned at the present with locating any other members of the gang. ... [We're] simply unable to understand their way of thinking, and as a result can't predict what they might be capable of next."

PCPD's Lieutenant Camden Ho

Letters: Crime Wave

Once again, we see that the crime levels in the city are spiraling out of control (Police Arrest pair of Arson, Vandal Suspects link). Not only is the Old Town becoming increasingly dangerous, but now even the Artist's Quarter isn't safe. I already fear for my life when walking down Milamont. It's surely only a matter of time before the whole city is swamped by tidal wave of crime.

Maxim Tsuki, Sentinel Reader

"I'd always thought of Earth as a place of good," said Jane Monroe, proprietor of the torched Soupery on Creation Lane. "Now it's became clear there much more to it than the general public were made aware of. ... Someone has been hiding us from the truth and I want to know whether it was our City Council or the people of Earth!"


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