Old Town Explosion

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The search for the Receda Cube on Earth

Explosion instory.jpg


  • 05-MAY-06
  • Cause is believed to be a faulty gas-line.

News Report

A major explosion occurred this afternoon in the Old Town, in the vicinity of the Caldera Station. The affected building is Highview on Centine Way, just off The Shift. The building is heavily damaged and ablaze; thus far, rescuers have only emerged with one woman and two small children. It is feared that there will be no additional survivors, due to the severity and unexpected nature of the blast. In addition, firefighter Bryce Coriander is missing; the building partially collapsed while he was inside during the last rescue foray, and his team fears the worst.

  • Three residents have been confirmed dead
  • Faye, Amber and Chester Yung are 3 known survivors.
    • Amber and Chester Yung were released from the hospital on 25-MAY-06
  • Kurt was caught in the blast as well, and was rushed to Phuah Hospital
    • Kurt left the hospital just as soon as he could, so he could start chase Miranda (this ultimately led to the Mine Manhunt)
  • It is believed most other residents of the building are unharmed or were not present, due to the blast being in the middle of a work-day.

This piece of paper was found with kurt's damaged body:



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