Raoul Benton

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Raoul benton.jpg


  • Stunt enthusiast made known by his failed jump from Ascendancy Point.
  • Was injured after (painfully) colliding with Ascendancy Point at it's 19th floor and (painfully) sliding the rest of the way.
    • Suffered a fractured collarbone and several cracked ribs, as well as multiple scrapes and bruises
  • Was probably inspired by another successful jump, which took place one week before by an unknown jumper.
    • Also used the same maintenance hatch as the successful jumper.
    • Claims to not be the same person as the successful jumper.
    • Eventually it was revealed that he was a part of an extreme puzzling community, which seeks personal bragging rights based on the ability to solve puzzles under extreme duress.
    • During his jump he was working on a number of short anagrams, and he blamed the distraction for the unsuccessful end to his jump.
  • Was convicted and sentenced on or about 06-SEP-06 on charges of trespassing and public endangerment.
    • Judge Lucia Janowicz sentenced Benton to three months of imprisonment, a PCL20,000 fine, and 200 hours of community service.