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Project Syzygy
Life without cards

As mentioned in the Perplex City Video someone had to head out to SE Fifth and 40th in New York. Turns out this was a library. The video mentioned to ask for Alice, so Bagsbee headed out and looked in the Alice In Wonderland books, and found a copy of the postcard along with a post-it note.

  • The post-it note says:
LOST. The Cube. Reward Offered.
around Perplex City hold the Cube as an
object of reverence.
It is housed in the Academy museum
and has been on public display
since 228AC. The last serious
attempt at theft
was in late April of 235AC 

  • Rose also managed to get a card from the library. The library's address is:
Mid-Manhattan Library
455 Fifth Avenue at 40th Street
New York, New York, 10016

  • uptownishnyc also went to get a card and did a further diagnosis on the book:
So had to go to work after I stopped in the library, but I did stop in. Found the copy with
 the card in it, and the random Celebrex post-its that were referenced earlier. My guess
 is they will have nothing to do with anything, but I still copied down locations and what 
they were marking just so we have reference if it does become important. 

I didn't have a camera, and the computers were taken (they don't have scanners anyway) 

Alice in Wonderland, A Norton Critical Edition, Second Edition, 1992 

-Perplex City Post card inside front of book (not marking anything) 

Post-It locations: 

-p 117 Woodcutting of Jabberwocky 
-p 116 is the first stanza of that poem in mirror-image, and then in plain english 

p141 The Walrus and The Carpenter (woodcutting and poem [poem begins on p 140] 

p166- Humpty-Dumpty verse 

p187 - Knight a sitting-on-a-gate" poem 

p209 - the poem that ends the story... "A boat, beneath a sunny sky 

finally p 213- the addendum of "The Wasp in a Wig" the Wasps poem 

Honestly, feel free to remove this post. I don't think this has any relevence, but figured may as 
well document it before some HS student checked the book out for class. If it were relevent I 
would expect the same post its that was on the postcard and not some random Celebrex 
medical post its.
Postcard + Post-It


  • The text post-it note looks like another advert for the Newspaper Text.