Sara Long

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Sara long.jpg


  • Perplex City player
  • Also known as 'duckiemonster'
  • Has the special distinction of being published in The Perplex City Sentinel's View From Earth Column.
  • Wrote a story for the Tales from Earth book
  • Was a ranger at the London PCAG event
  • Following this event, she has developed a fear of conga lines and a love of sock puppets
  • Helped Kurt track down Miranda as a moderator for the 21-MAY-06 Mine Manhunt event
  • Is one of the founding members and dauntless editors/promoters of the Perplexorum.


  • Perplex City Sentinel
    • article, 30-MAR-06 "View from Earth: Medical Destiny" link


  • Sara's personal blog at the DuckieSite (link)