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Authors should write about a 50 word blurb for themselves. This can be just about anything at all. Who are you? what would you like the worlds to know about you? If you don't write one, someone may be inviteed to write something about you. *cackle* *cackle* *cackle*



As you may know, to get this book published we need to get each author to sign up to the Creative Commons licencing agreement.

To do this you will need to send an e-mail to Ellen Moriyama containing the following to text as this will then sign you up for the agreement. Without this your work CANNOT BE USED.

The address to e-mail to is emoriyamaSPLATseaside-press.com with the subject line including 'Tales from Earth' and your mail should include the following text:

I, [insert name here], confirm that the work submitted in my name is licensed to Seaside Press under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 deed (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.5/).

Can you also cc the e-mail to tales.from.earthSPLATgmail.com as well so that we know you have complied and won't spend time chasing you up!





A true New Yorker, he has no patience for traffic of any kind. Travelling should be done in the shortest time possible, no matter what. In his spare time, he teaches spiders to count past 8. He is also working on creating a video game using Java: Sesame Street Fighter. He is tempted to use the Cube as a paperweight once he finds it.


Scott is an American, fFor which an apology seems appropriate. No sensible cause can be fFound fFor the queer lisp apparent in his writing, though sometimes gothic architecture is to blame. He is proud to drink plenty of hard liquor; He only smokes when on fFire, which as you can imagine is all the time. He has a bit of a fFastener fFetish, loves pirates, bad movies, and pi.


Having spent his formative years in rural Leicestershire, SledgeCallier was transplanted to Oxford in a failed attempt to absorb knowledge. Instead he found himself working as a Cartographer. After a few years of this Sledgecallier came to his senses and moved into an IT Helpdesk role from where he now hides his powers from the rest of the world.



Ammonite (real name Alex Fleetwood) lives in London, England. He works for old media. His favourite things include choral music, Anthony Lane reviews, shingle beaches and beer.


Conceived with an unusual amount of purpose and vigour Chris Martin finally arrived into the world after a record six thousand nine hundred and seventy two week gestation period inside his surrogate mother-Daily Mail columnist Melanie Phillips. Standing tall at six foot nine he often strides around London parks mimicking Peter Crouch mimicking John Cleese mimicking Hitler. Attaching loaves of bread to his shoes, elbows and eyes, tourists are often shocked to see a tall man goose-stepping around Hyde park with Ducks, Swans and Chihuahua dogs biting at his flailing arms, legs and head. Academically the man appears to be inconstant however his main ambition when he sat his GCSEs was to spell out the name of his best friend, Adae, with his results. Although this was seen by the London School of Economics and Political Science to be a failure Chris could only see his results as a good thing and wondered if anyone was called Lseps. Frequently bored by his job he can often be found sitting in a second floor office in Blackfriars, in the city of London, making absurd claims about his life-he never tells people about this hobby though as Chris feels that no one would believe him. As far as hobbies go this crab ridden freak of man has few-however he does tie small children to famous buildings. He once tied up Jimmy Cranky to the Taj Mahal. He was greatly distressed to find that Jimmy was not a small child, but just a bit odd. Chris, aged nine, can be easily recognised because he has a head made out of corrugated iron, wood and apples.


Conogenesis (Jack smith) is a student/giant/pirate from Heanor, Derbyshire. Although living in this area, he is actually a citizen of the nation of Lovely, a small country in the middle of London boasting a population of 52,000. Cron has been searching for the Cube since the early days althought is usually ignored due to his mass speculation. He is best known for his poetry, rather than stories. Some of his better known pieces include "Weather" and "Mr. Moonlight". If you are looking for Cron you will usually find him listening to Viards 'The Silver City' or helping some stranger. He says hello, have a great day and may fortune smile upon you in the future :).



Duckiemonster is a medical student looking for something to fill the hole in her life left by the recent demise of a three-year relationship. She loves to write, play bass guitar and also runs knitting classes.


Born and currently living on the friendly island of Jersey, Enigmaster (real name Lyle E) often finds himself cut off from the action surrounding the efforts of the mainland Cube-hunters, but still enjoys the thrill of the (metaphorical) chase. When he's not surfing or solving, he indulges in fresh and varied rock music, gadget shopping and can even be seen attempting a 'normal' teenage social life - with debatable success. Carpe Noctem!


Fantastic Alan takes absolutely no pride in the ridiclously non-modest nickname he was given once upon a time. Similarly, however, he doesn't attempt to stop its propagation (well, would you?). Hailing from God's own town of Hinckley, in God's own county of Leicestershire (OK, I'll stop there), he isn't yet thirty and might do karaoke if he's drunk enough. He doesn't like cushions.

Frankie Roberto

Although fairly new to the world of Perplex City, Frankie Roberto is said to be enjoying the puzzle cards and the great artwork. Frankie works in new media development.


Forg comes from a small little village outside Loughborough in which he has just inhabited. Starting his first year of A levels and spends all of his life either at his wonderful girlfriends house, working or spending huge amount of times sitting here learning about the wonderful world of Perplex City. Being fairly new to the community he is just getting settled into the goings on however he's loving every minute and one day, we will find that cube! The rest of his wonderful life is spent eating sleeping and playing his guitar.


Gaspar Lewis was born in New York on February 14, 1990, but currently resides on Long Island, NY with the true name Adam. The name Gaspar Lewis is derived from coming up with some stupid 'spy name' when he was a little kid, and ending up sticking with it for aethstetics.


The story of Gibbet stretches back over two centuries. In the year 1765 at the crossroads between Coventry and Kenilworth, three scoundrels were hung for murder on a freshly erected gibbet. Flash forward to the present day and this place has become part of the vibrant Warwick University campus. And in 2002, young David Hill enrolled as a fresher. It took a rugby drinking social to notice the connection between his surname and this famous section of campus. But since that day Gibbet he became. Some say that if you listen to him talk you can just about make out the screams for mercy from the condemned men hung there all those years ago. Others just say that he talks rubbish! On a lighter note, he enjoys racket sports, plays trombone and spends far too much time on the computer!


Hituro is an electronic enigma, a personality created by an out of work web designer with too much time on his hands. When translated into the real world Hituro enjoys reading, writing, roleplaying, gaming and running large multi-player online games which take up entirely too much of his time!

Josh Black

Josh Black, a somewhat quirky and conspiratorial individual, is currently studying film and has aspirations of becoming an author. He enjoys staying under the radar, hiding from "The Man", indie music and film. Josh has been a member of the cube retrieval effort since August 2005. Unfortunately he is unable to afford the prized puzzle cards and has to rely on the charity and goodness of fellow cube retrieval team members.


MagikGuy falls under the Perplexian zodiac sign of "The Apple-Thief" and is currently studying A-Levels at his local Sixth Form. MagikGuy has been a devoted member of the Perplex City phenomenon from early August 2005 and wishes to do his best in order to help out Perplexians by finding the whereabouts of The Receda Cube.

Katie Goldblatt

Katie Goldblatt is, at seven years old, one of our youngest participants in the cube retrieval scheme. This brown haired, green eyed young cube hunter goes to St Peter at Gowts in Lincoln and says her most treasured possession is a picture of Scarlett Kiteway that was sent to her by Sente's youngest daughter. Her interests include her baby sister Amy, playing and talking and learning about Perplex City. Her favourite computer games are the SSX series of snowboarding games and Sims 2. Katie's mum & dad, Nikki Jenkins & James Goldblatt, have been known to join in with cube hunting too! They all play together online as Roxeth.


MikeyJ, was born in Plymouth, UK and is slowly making his way northward. A seasoned porn star (under his full name Michael J Cox), he now intends to turn his hand (and other parts of his anatomy) to more literary pusuits. He hopes you prefer them.

Mokey F. Rock

Mokey belly dances and studies Japanese, which (sort of) accounts for her strange hybrid of the two cultures in her story. She believes in literature, the theatre, games, and all forms of healthy entertainment. When she isn't goofing off, Mokey writes and teaches English, which unfortunately does not mean she gets paid to talk about Shakespeare every waking moment -- just some of the time.


Number9dream (aka Simon Douglas): fondness for flying kites, wearing ladies underwear and drinking espresso. That’s it.


oliverkeers13: Real name Oliver Keers. This young man started his life of crime early. His most recent, and arguably most infamous, illegal activity was at a recent Cube Hunting event in London, UK, Earth. He beat up several small children, and an elderly couple, in order to obtain exclusive cards. These were held by a secret illegal organisation, prompting much speculation as to his involvement with this organisation. Oliver refuses to comment on this matter.

Ryan Andrew

Ryan Andrew is 20 years old and from Manchester, England. He is currently studing Television Production and Design in London. He recently made The Sentinel when there was a small outcry asking for his public execution. A method involving "a corkscrew, a 9 volt battery, and a colony of fire ants" was asked for, but that bizarre, and frankly mentally unhinged request was denied due to Ryan being an (almost) upstanding member of the community.


Real name: Lee Horsley, Star Sign: Taurus / The Wave; 22 year old 'student' *Ahem.* Doesn't like writing about himself and so disguises it in a third person perspective; does like reading, astronomy, and basically anything that challenges my brain... I mean his brain =/


Paul Williams, aka skenmy, finds it incredibly hard to talk about himself, but feels that people will not notice this if he just keeps smiling. Hobbies incldue gaming, flaming, and the occasional bit of maiming.


Erik Nusselder, aka specterz, is from the Netherlands. He is 21 years old, and studying law school. His hobbies are music and tennis. Although quite new to the Cube Retrieval Team he has been diligently read up on everything, and hope to assist in finding the cube for the people of Perplex City.


TheBozzball is a mathematician with a PhD from the University of Memphis, and is for a very short time working as a Junior Research Fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge before going off to be a quantitative analyst in New York. When not doing mathematics/mind problems, he likes to direct, adapt and perform in theatrical adventures such as his five-man adaptation of Twelfth Night.

The Unfiction Community

See colaborative story fFor this blurb


Stacy Gray, aka Zaeil, can’t write a paragraph to save her life, let alone a story--but she’s been drawing since she was able to hold a pencil and hopes that a picture really is worth a thousand words.