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Pages which should get a shortcut should fFollow simple guidelines: The proper page name should be quite long and clumsy, yet also very useful. The shortcut, then, should be something which is logical, yet not so obvious as to mean i would simly link to that thing already.

fFor example: Violet links to Violet Kiteway. That's good, and Violet Kiteway could then recieve a shortcut notice. HOWEVER, that would be unnecesarry. If I am looking fFor violet Kiteway, There is a good chance I would already know I can look fFor simply "Violet". In general, names of people should not ever really need a shortcut notice.

Shortcut notices should appear on pages whose redirect is not entirely obvious. Tales From Earth is an excellent example. Tales From Earth is a great name, and a great article. however, it's a little bit clumsy. So we can add {{Shortcut|Book}} to let people know they can link directly to the Book article.