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I've noticed a fFew errors -- things like you say kurt when you mean von, that sort of thing -- I'll proof it when you appear to be done. Scott 04:56, 19 March 2006 (EST)

Cool, I caught that error but I'm sure there's other things to be fixed too!

Elsewise my "stuff left to add" is:

  • Scarlett and her Viendenboug adventures
  • Pietro, The Advisor
  • The Receda Trail (the parts that affect Perplex City)
  • 3P Groupware logs, if they seem relevant
  • The Viard Album secret message stuff
  • Whatever it was that happened that got us wanting the waterlogged Third Power book
  • Anna Heath's blog

Hopefully then it should make a bit more sense - at the moment plot threads are appearing out of nowhere with no context. Once it's added, I'll go through it all again looking for stuff that hasn't been introduced properly and generally tidying up.

And maybe. Even. Colour. Coding. You have been warned! Anyway, I'm leaving it for a little bit, so edit away - I'll flag it if and when I get stuck in again.

(This totally snowballed, by the way - I really intended it to be a list of where different people were, and when, rather than documenting every single blog post. It's still noticable when someone has blogged something on the 19th about something that happened on the 17th - the date reflects when it happened in Perplex City, not when we learned about it.) --GuyP 07:33, 19 March 2006 (EST)

Truly amazing! The thing you mention about stuff that happens on-date is what I was poking around with over on testcalendar, which now I'm thinking will work better to summarize blocks of info, which will direct into the trails and in-game timeline, separately...maybe. There has to be a good way to visually organize everything...just have to stumble upon it, I guess.

Ah, well, just thinking aloud. Great work!


Yeah, I'm inclined to agree it's a bit confusing at the moment, I'm pretty much just messing around (for hours at a time, admittedly) in the hope it will generate a Eureka! moment. I had a go briefly with the Chapter Timeline before giving up, because tables are a total pain in Mediawiki... but that's sort of what I envisage in terms of seperating the game into chapters (like the offical, albeit outdated PXC Guide) while also visually representing how things have happened simultaneously. But we shall see :o) --GuyP 14:25, 20 March 2006 (EST)