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This is a guide to the key happenings in Perplex City surrounding the Cube Theft and our following investigations. Newcomers might want to check out the official guide .

This guide isn't designed to be comprehensive, and instead deals with pertinent incidents - although the scope seems to be expanding somewhat due to Guy_P's masochistic streak. Also, dates are reported "as things happened" in Perplex City, not the date we learnt about what happened. For instance, if Violet goes out for coffee on the 14th but doesn't blog about it until the 16th, the entry goes under the 14th.

Also, this guide is written with hindsight. If we know Violet won 20,000 lecks at Poker, but we didn't find this out until months later, then the entry still says "Violet won 20,000 lecks."

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin.



That's the date! That's what happened!
10th Oct '03 Senior Fellows meeting at the Academy. Fierce debate surrounding Cube research: Inari Ekeba wants to experiment upon it, and when Sente Kiteway refuses she threatens (in anger, probably) to steal it. Astrid Lindstrom and Sanjean Adamek reflect upon it in via email.
22nd Dec '03 V demands to meet one his Academy insiders at once. They can't - they're in an Adjunct Senior Fellows meeting. V insists that they should make their excuses and leave. (via Leaked E-mails.)


That's the date! That's what happened!
8th Jan '04 One of the Cube Conspirators attempts to rendezvous with another member, but incorrectly identifies the target and almost divulges secrets to a perfect stranger. (via Leaked E-mails.)
15th Jan '04 Violet emails her dad to say she's got flu and won't be coming to the ball. (via Leaked E-mails.)
Tonight, the Academy Ball. Cyrus Quinton, Monica Grand, Bernardo Holyoke and Claire Castille steal the Cube. Zounds! Fran Mendling killed in the raid. (via Leaked E-mails.)
16th Jan '04 The next day, Roll For Damage have a recording session. Cyrus Quinton is their audio engineer, and he makes a phone call to an "office at the Academy."