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This Infobox is used for details about people in Perplex City. Copy and paste the following template into the article's edit page. Fields will default to Unknown if left blank or not included.

{{Infobox Perplexian
  • Name - the person's given name
  • Image - a link to an uploaded image of the person
  • Date of Birth - the person's birthdate. Feel free to enter a partial date if an exact date is not known. If the person is deceased, put that information in parantheses. Random example: March 2nd, 1952 (deceased) or March 2nd, 1952 (d. September 29th, 2006).
  • Futures sign - their sign on Futures, the Perplex City equivalent of Earth's Zodiac
  • Occupation - their job title or profession. You can include their place of employment, if you like.
  • Religion - the religious group they belong to, if applicable
  • Associations - other groups they may belong to (3P, Founders, etc)
  • Email - their email address, if known
  • Website - their personal website, if known