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The Signs

The Hand

  • January 11 - February 10
  • Gyvann referred to hands often, and it has been speculated that he may have been using a play on phrase referring to literal and skyward hands at once.

The Baby

  • February 11 - March 10

The Eagle

  • March 11 - April 10

The Spider

  • April 11 - May 10

The Wave

  • May 11 - June 10

The Archer

The Half-filled Jug

The Dragon

The Three Balls

  • September 11 - October 10

The Dice

  • October 11 - November 10

The Maze

The Apple-Thief

  • December 11 - January 10
  • Refers to one of Five Tasks of Madna
    • Madna was to steal the apple from the jaws of a giant crocodile.
  • This sign is always delivered in prose of some sort.
  • in a mythical sense, according to Gyvann, The Apple-Thief is the bringer of justice. He makes right all that is askew, though the righting may often be painful.
  • Famous Apple Thieves:

And Remember, ...

The futures, as presented by Madame Bianca, always includes a more general statement. This advice always begins with And Remember,. It is unknown if this is a traditional means of telling futures, or simply one of Madame Bianca's hallmarks.


  • The Reconstructionists have a security system which uses a knowledge and awareness of the futures.
    • blog, 02-JUN-05 "A plan" link
    • blog, 03-JUN-05 "Success" link