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Pyramid is a board game played in Perplex City.

  • The annual tournament is from Sep. 1-4 from 10am at Euler's Disc. It costs 18 Lecks to enter and is free to watch.
  • It is will be published as part of a line called "Ontime Eternals" by Ontime.
  • Violet doesn't really like it.
  • There are varieties such as Speed Pyramid, Fool's Pyramid, Action Pyramid and Skew Pyramid.
  • As per Violet, "No-one plays for money".
  • It's definately an old game, being around in the days of Granier and is mentioned in Receda's Revenge.
  • It is somewhat akin to Chess in reputation; as old, but soon replaced by Counterpart.
  • It's a family game.
  • It's a quick-fire game that is not involving reading around the lines.
  • Scarlett plays obsessively.
  • Monday evening is Pyramid night at Hesh Records.