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See: The Receda Trail for context.

Now out-of-order

IRC server:
IRC Channels: #receda-chat #receda-game
To Play:
/join #receda-game
/msg RecedaBot queue


  • We have so far found scrolls, reading: "CENTRE", "UK", "SKY", "ER", "HE", "ST", "NC", "MA", "TOWN"
    • Which is, in some order: SKY CENTRE MANCHESTER TOWN UK
  • We also got a slashed message saying "The key to the kingdom is" .... "sortails"
  • Engame message:
  • See: Receda's Revenge Highlights for all the quotables, plot points, and highlights!
  • was discovered, and was eventually found to have a date
  • The date and location of "MANCHESTER, UK" moved people to go and watch the skies
  • An airplane was spotted high over the skies, with an ad for Receda Resorts.

The Game

  • A link to this site was found at the The Receda School of Music.
  • A live game event, which went live at 2:30 today, had been discovered.
  • The synopsis is:
    • You are 15 year old kid.
    • You go to Fanhill School (though you aren't going to school today for some reason)
    • Aparently you are not from this world.
    • An old man has been poisoned on your front stoop
    • You are now wandering around the streets of Perplex City to find a cure, or else you and all of humanity, will die.
    • The old man says: "You need to get me a potion, the Elixir of Glimdrang, or I will die from this infernal poison the Lord Flaganroth has given me."
    • According to the Potions Master: "Yes, I remember it well. It's a difficult potion to come up with, and to conjure it, I would need three things: Fletcher's Spirit, which is a very strong alcoholic drink. It also needs an Academician's Lens, in order to measure the liquids. Finally, I would need the 3rd Volume of Mages, which is a rare book, but you can find it in some libraries."

Progress Report, as it happened:

  • Thanks to the daring efforts of Cassandra, Riiick, and everyone in chat:
  • We have so far found scrolls, reading: "CENTRE", "UK", "SKY", "ER", "HE", "ST", "NC", "MA"
  • After many people dying (including me), we also have the 3rd Volume of Mages.
  • Finally, in the academy study of Academecian Nocke, we found the Lenses.

Thrilling Conclusion

<Muffin> Give the old man the potion!

<RecedaGame> The old man takes the potion gratefully, and then with surprising swiftness, pockets it. He discards his cane, whips off his cloak and towers above you, laughing maniacally. You shrink back, holding your sock puppet out in front of you, defensively. He looks at it with scorn (but doesn't bat it away, you notice). He says, "You fool! I am the dark Lord Flaganroth, and you shall never see your Princess or the Kingdom!" A flash

<RecedaGame> goes off, and he uses the distraction to disappear out of your house, having taken everything that you had of value, which wasn't much.

<RecedaGame> You cower on the floor of your home, wondering how you were so duped, when you see a scrap of paper he'd left in his haste. It says, "The key to the kingdom is" and then there's a slash in the paper, with "sortails" written to the right of it. Maybe it is a clue to your next quest to save the Kingdom, reclaim your family's glory, and save the Princess!

<RecedaGame> You have finished the FIRST QUEST OF RECEDA'S REVENGE!!

Catacomb map

          A  --+--  L
           TROLL BRIDGE
               +-   D
               |    |
               +-  -+-  -+
               |    |    | 
     |         |
    -+-  ---  -+-   D
|    |
S-  -+




Update: Receda's Revenge 2: The Revenge

On 17-OCT-06 the website was updated, and referenced in the background of the Library of Babel site. The site now features a pair of dragons/sock puppets facing each other, one blue, the other red. The text portion reads:


> In the darkness, something is stirring. Ye evil Lord Flaganroth rides again. Will you seize the challenge and save the maiden?

A brand new adventure Evening (GMT), Wednesday 25th October

On 23-OCT-06 the website was updated again, mentioning the time that the game would start.

A brand new adventure

6.30pm (London time, GMT+1)

Wednesday 25th October

And on Wednesday, come it did. A great time had by all, I think.

The logs are here: Receda's revenge 2 log

Receda.png The Receda Trail

The Receda Approach - The Receda Sign - The Receda Institute for Somnatherapy - The Receda School of Music - Receda's Revenge - Receda Resorts

Monica Grand died giving us the trailhead of keywords. The Third Power lead us all over creation .. only to beat us over the head in the end. The jerks.

There appears to be a type in field between the two dragon heads, which a "select all" or rollover reveals.