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  • E-mail: tor.moulden at ascendancypoint dot com


  • Selection of filled rolls
    • 20 Lecks
    • Speciality Red Hot Bakery fresh-baked breads with your choice of fillings from our regular selection and daily specials

Speciality baked goods

  • The Big Bite
    • Pumpkin-cranberry muffins
    • 14 Lecks
    • Fresh-baked soft pumpkin-enriched muffins studded with juicy cranberries; they make any morning better.
  • Spiced Up
    • Raisin-curry rolls
    • 12 Lecks
    • Baked with the plumpest raisins and complemented by the range of aromatic spices in our Red Hot curry mix, these rolls are ideal with a light cream cheese filling.
  • A Danish Twist
    • Caramelized onion danish
    • 15 Lecks
    • A savoury danish? Who knew it could be so good? Oozing with buttery caramelized onions, it'll change the way you think about danish.
  • The Lime Life
    • Coriander-lime buns
    • 18 Lecks
    • One of our signature products, these buns are stuffed with a sweet yoghurt, coriander and lime filling, for a zingy treat any time of the day.
  • Food of the gods
    • Honey-saffron rolls
    • 18 Lecks
    • The ancient people of Perplex City loved the combination of honey and saffron, and so do we. Rich yet light, they're great at any time but particularly perfect with a cup of tea at about 3:30 in the afternoon.

Speciality breads

  • Chile-cheddar bread
    • 25 Lecks a loaf
    • Marbled with cheddar, enriched with chile, this vibrant loaf is a meal in itself.
  • Shallot-dill bread
    • 25 Lecks a loaf
    • A nutty whole-grain loaf flecked with dill seeds and delicious whole pieces of slow-cooked shallot.
  • Olive-rye bread
    • 25 Lecks a loaf
    • A traditional-recipe, chewy, malty loaf, with generous quantities of fresh green olives.
  • Oat-Lager artisanal bread
    • 25 Lecks a loaf
    • A deliciously satisfying, yeasty loaf - customers voted it our most filling!


  • The Scarlett Kite