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Tretretretre on Earth



  • The tretretretre is a ledgendary half man/half lemur on the island of Madagascar. It was also said to be a dog/human/monkey-faced lemur with monkey paws, and was the size of a 2 year old calf.
  • It is often believed that Malagasy legends of the tretretretre refer to the Megaladapis (an extinct giant lemur), but the details of these tales, notably the "human-like" face of the animal, match the related Palaeopropithecus (extinct) much better
  • Perplex City has tretretretres in their zoo, leading to the tretretretre developing a large following among Earth-based Cube hunters
  • Kurt has also stated that his favorite animal is the tretretretre (link)

Encyclopaedic entry

  • Sub-class: Placentalia
  • Order: Primates
  • Family: Lemuridae (Lemurs)
  • Species: Megaladapis edwardsi
    • Megaladapis is the genus of three extinct species of primates that once inhabited the island of Madagascar (link)
  • Learn more about lemurs of Madagascar! (link)
The lovely tretretretre

The giant lemur Megaladapis edwardsi was one of the largest of the so-called subfossil lemurs. It weighed between 100 and 200 pounds and was the size of a small adult human. Among its most distinctive features was its muzzle: long and extremely robust, it evidently supported a large, fleshy nose or proboscis (a lemur with a trunk, perhaps?). This and related species of Megaladapis are common in subfossil sites along the western shore of Madagascar, as well as the interior. Recent radiocarbon dates establish that this lemur was still living around the time of European discovery of Madagascar (AD 1504). The lemur's common name, if correctly attributed, relates to a Malagasy oral tradition of the "tretretretre," an animal the size of a calf with a humanoid face.

"The tretretretre is a large animal, like a calf of two years, with a round head and the face of a man. The forefeet are like those of an ape, as are the hindfeet. It has curly hair, a short tail, and ears like a man's...It is a very solitary animal; the people of the country hold it in great fear and flee from it, as it does from them."

(From observations on the natural history of Madagascar recorded by the French explorer Etienne Flacourt in 1661.)

Tretretretre in Perplex City


It was revealed during Receda's Revenge 2 that Tretretretre are not the same animals as we know of them on Earth. They are, in fact, more elephant-like in appearance. Tretretretre are known to live in a pen at the Perplex City Zoo, right next to an animal that looks like the Tretretretre from Earth (See above). As an aside, The Missing Piece bar has a tretretretre head on the wall.

Tretretretre outline.JPG

The Sentinel - 01/05/270 - Biology Find

Biologists from Besley-Mazy College say they have deciphered the mechanism that causes some breeds of tretretretre to develop varying hues and amounts of pigment in their fur, a find some fear may lead to the development of vanity strains of tretretretre.



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