Walter Cove-Houghton

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  • Served as CTO of PCBC for the last four years
  • Before joining the PCBC, was president of his own security firm, Cove-Houghton Consulting, founded in 248.
  • He sold the consulting firm to his sister, Rose Cove-Houghton, upon leaving
  • Is known to have a great understanding of tech, especially the security needs of key and encryption tech
  • However, does not possess great finesse in the subtleties of business.
  • In late April 2006, came under fire as having very little ability to make decisions without first consulting the board of directors (and, more specifically, Jonathan Smart.)
  • May be planning to resign his post.
"I've known Walter for many years now, and I know that the brain in his head understands the way our society is moving and adapting to technology like nobody's business. We've got some challenges ahead of us."

--Jonathan Smart, former CEO, PCBC.