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  • A device used by residents of Perplex City
  • A key is required to access pages in the online version of the Perplex City Sentinel
  • An art exhibit by Aiko Entrescore used electronic devices to send information to visitors' keys
  • The 'next generation' of keys unveiled in early 2005
    • Complications inside Centrifuge delayed the public release considerably.
  • Keys can communicate with:
    • Servers existing somewhere on a massively complex network
    • Other keys in a given vicinity
    • Non-key devices, such as data trackers
    • The vital statistics of the person holding the key
  • Addresses of keys are typically arranged with 5 characters: 2 numbers, one letter, 2 numbers, like ##X##
  • Addresses are often identified or called "Boxes", such as Box 46H91 or Box 57F78.
  • Known valid box addresses, as seen on a Post-board, back cover of The Perplex City Board Game Rules:
    • Box 87P35, "Canoe for sale"
    • Box 55A91, "Crypto study"
    • Box 12Y09, "Lovestruck girl"
    • Box 43H99, "SM seeks SF"
    • Box 72B44, "Comparative Education Study"

"the Earthology guy at the Academy, Von, said that those on Earth should think of them as a combination of: 'a phone, a TV, a video, a computer, a stereo, an MP3 player, a bank card, a passport, a house key...' and some other things he couldn't think of a good analogy for."

-- Scarlett Kiteway



Keys are ubiquitous devices, and are refenced often. The following is where keys are explicitly referred to.

  • Perplex City Sentinel
    • article, 21-MAR-05 "Centrifuge Buys KSI" link
    • article, 28-MAR-05 "Djinn Jr. Reported" link
    • article, 28-MAR-05 "Crime Lower in East Old Town" link
    • article, 25-MAY-05 "Next-Gen Keys Susceptible to Djinn" link
    • More Headlines, 20-MAY-05, "Next-Gen Keys Unveiled"
    • article, 22-JUN-05 "Joya Skips Nuptials" link
    • article, 22-JUN-05 "Names of Six 'The Lab' Contestants Leaked" link
    • article, 23-JUN-05 "Salk Briefly Emerges from Sudden Coma" link
    • article, 28-SEP-06 "Rookies Resurgent In Puzzdaq Attack" link
  • Post-board, back cover of The Perplex City Board Game Rules.